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  1. Depends on when that DUI happened. If it's less than 10 years ago they will not be allowed across, but beyond that they can get documentation (after paying a sum of money) that will allow it. Check it out with Canadian Customs. There's a thread in the Canada forum that will shed light on what hoops will need to be jumped through.
  2. The LED system will not tax your battery much at all either. A single charge on a vex battery will run a system for days, not hours. I have piggy-back clips on mine that I can pug the vex on and it runs on the single battery all day.
  3. Another option that I have used with success on my tip-ups is a circle hook. If you are catch and release fishing the circle hook is the best option, IMO. The fish has a much smaller chance of being gut-hooked with a circle hook and having that fish hooked in the corner of the mouth makes a fast release without digging into their mouth for a treble or Kahle.
  4. Hop onto Google Earth and take a look at the different lakes you are looking into. The aerial views will tell you what you might be in for as far as big water and numbers of islands and bays.
  5. Be careful of the 30-pack, Woolybob. You can bring 24 beers legally per person over 21. You'll pay extra duty on those 6 cans if they check you and see that you don't have normal 24 beer cases.
  6. I've been up there the past couple of winters targeting lakers through the ice. Matt really has a good set up with Camp Manitou. It's a class operation in a grand setting. Great fishing within sight of camp and plenty of water to explore away from the island. The cabins are spacious and comfortable. It will definitely not be the last trip for me to this remote fishing location. Takes some doing to get in and out in the winter, which is half the fun, if you ask me. Now if I can only find a way to get up there in the open water season to try for those muskies and lakers!
  7. That makes sense since you aren't going to be buying multiple license tags for each house you own. I was interpreting that the "tag" that was being taken off the permanent was the MNDNR number rather than the shelter license. Your MNDNR number needs to be on the house whether occupied or not.
  8. I was curious enough yesterday to check the R value of snow online. I found it to be R-1 per inch of snow. I haven't a clue how this number was figured out as there are so many different "types" of snow; fluffy, heavy, etc. It's amazing that such a small amount of snow hampered ice formation even when the temps were below zero last week.
  9. One thing that I will often do is pinch the fin off the top and bottom of the tail. This doesn't allow the larger bait to swim as well and makes them look wounded. Might even give them a bounce or two off the minnow bucket to slow them down further. Seems a bit much, but this does seem to keep the larger minnows from tripping the flag.
  10. This is the medium Otter I sled, skin, shock cord cover and atv/ snowmobile hitch. Selling for a friend. The house is about 6 years old and has very minor holes. No tears. Heavy canvas skin is black. Round tubing. Excellent one man house for both someone starting out (not wanting to jump in with both feet) as well as the longtime ice fisherman looking to be more mobile. Asking $175 or best offer.
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