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  1. GOOD..Went out today after giving the land a two week rest. We saw lots of birds, about thirty in total. BAD....I only got one rooster out of five total seen and only a week left of the season. UGLY....I made a poor decision and shot a rooster heading for major highway. Hit bird with first shot but kept flying. Second shot put it down in middle of road. I did not have a e-collar on my lab and he went for the retrieve. No cars where coming or came during the retrieve but non the less I was scared stupid. I got lucky and am a seasoned hunter but made a very poor decision.
  2. Hunted Sunday and got 5. Hunted today alone and got 3. All private land but the snow was really holding the birds tight. For the first time all year I jumped a covey of birds today. Must of been 10 or 12 birds came out of thicket. Was nice to see a group of birds for a change. Been hunting woody areas with lots of thickets. Dog comes home happy but with a bloody smile. Good luck.
  3. On my way to a south Dakota pheasant hunt as I write this. I am very sad to see some of the comments about pheasants forever. They have done a great job along with du and south Minnesota pheasant Inc. In acquiring and maintaining land. It is not their goal to maintain short term bird populations. Rather invest in the future of the habitat. PLEASE support your local chapters they are not perfect but do amazing work. Thank you all that support and donate your time so my two young boys will be able to hunt in the future.
  4. Walk 80 acres of private crp. Kicked up 3 birds. Got my 2 roosters and I feel quilty. With all crops out and any successful breeding I should of seen 20 birds. Will defiantly still hunt alot but prolly wont pull trigger much this year. Good luck guys.
  5. Just got back from my last hunt. Had a wonderful year with my new lab. We got 62 birds in South Daktoa (whole group) and mikko and I got 30+ birds here in Minnesota. Finished it off with two nice flushes and retreives in the snow today. Walking throw snow and the drifts is hard now good luck to anyone that braves it after another foot of snow. Birds are still around as we saw 20+ birds (only 3 rooster).
  6. I had same problem. Figure it was string stretch but was wrong. I just had to repostion my d-loop. It twist on your string if you shoot alot and just twisting it back to wear it started should do the trick. Good luck.
  7. A little up date. My wife and I haven't been able to get out, but we did clean a deer this week. My aunt who bought the same bow as my wife just took her first archery deer monday night. She is pulling back 36# and the deer only made it 40 yrds. To my suprise she was using wasp expandables with a huge cutting diameter (over a 1.5 inches but not sure on the measurements) which I would think would be a big mistake by her. However even with the small draw weight and big broadheads she got okay penetration. She did not get a pass through but hit a lung. It was a very nice size doe and she shot it at 18-22 yrds. Hoping to see what my wife can do now. On the other hand, after shooting for 1 month my wife's bow is set to it's max 41#. She could hardly draw back 30# in the middle of september. Amazing how quickly women can gain muscle. For christmas she getting a new bow in the 40-50 range. Went shopping tonight and she can nearly draw back the full 50#.
  8. Just go into google and search for kenetic energy calculator for bow and arrow. A few will pop up. Also at hso_archery_forum (Contact Us Please) com you can get a link to kenetic energy calculator. You need to know your arrow speed (not the advertised ibo speed) and the weight of the arrows plus tips. It will give you your kenetic energy.
  9. I love the new law. I just bought a bow for my wife. She is a tiny girl and when we were shopping she could only pull back 30 pounds about 6 times. She has been shooting a month and now her bow is set at 37 pounds. It is shooting 205 fps and her kenetic energy is just shy of 40. Anything over 25lbs is considered good. Sure my bow has kenetic energy in the 80's but most of that force is ate up in the dirt after a pass through. Hopefully she can get a chance at a deer this year so I can let you know how it went. I do beleive if your using lower draw weights you need to be very carefull of the shoulder, but with practice and patience she will be able to harvest a deer ethicaly. By the way I am way more excited than she is about being able to bow hunt. My only fear is she is gonna want a more powerful bow next year, because women and children can gain alot of muscle in a very short time when they get to shooting. My wife could probably shoot a 45lbs bow now after shooting for just a month. Good luck all
  10. Here's a pic of the doe I got Sunday. Was watching a fork buck about 18 yards away, when he winded me, he couldn't fiqure out were the scent was coming from, and bolted when he heard something in the nearby soybean field. I looked up and this doe was standing there out about 40 yrds. watched her for about 20 minutes when she came in closer for a 18 yrd shot.
  11. Anyone seeing any sign? Haven't seen much sign in the woods yet wondering why. Been kicking around alot of deer in the last month and bagged a doe Monday night, but haven't seen any buck activity in the woods. Just wondering what other are seeing in our great state.
  12. Fatty07


    bought a pound of leeches and normaly don't have a problem using them up on the opener or the following week. However this year was a fathead bite instead of leeches so we only used maybe a dozen. now all my leeches are shrinking and dying. Keep them in garage in 5 gallon bucket. Can I feed them something to plump them back up?
  13. Thanks....I'll give it a try. Let ya know.
  14. Recently moved a family friend. His freezer was full of venison. Since he is no longer able to do much, I am stuck with 100 pounds of meat (all smiles). Before I get back lash he had tags on the freezer and the deer are legal. Majority of the meat is unprocessed and am looking for recipes. Would like to make hot dogs and brats, jerky, and burger. I already have plenty of bolonga and summer sausage. Am relatively new to the process so make the insturction for a dummy please. Have most tools need including electric grinder, jerky shooter, and dehydrator. Just looking for recipes. Thanks
  15. Evinrude commercial is "laugh out loud funny." Even after you have seen it 10 times it is laugh out loud funny.
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