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  1. I think sunday we will all realize that tebow is overrated......... his defense and kicker wins games but he somehow gets all the credit
  2. The defense has been winning games, not tebow.
  3. I was thinking the same thing.... trail cam pointed toward your vehicle. If you can get those fancy cams which send photos to your iphone you might have time to get out of your stand and run him down
  4. WyoChris

    Cook arrested

    Looks like Cook will still be in jail when we play the Packers tomorrow. He was having a pretty good season too......
  5. get Finley off the bench and make him a starter.
  6. WyoChris

    vs the Lions

    I like the idea of having McNabb play the first half, then put in the Ponder for the second half
  7. WyoChris

    vs the Lions

    Not sure about you guys, but I usually mix my purple cool-aid with some vodka. It is only week 2, detroit is starting to develop some injuries, and if the vikings can get thier defense conditioned to play in the second half, we are gonna win this game
  8. Put in Sanchez.... he's your most reliable bet. A sore elbow won't be keeping him out
  9. WyoChris

    Joe Mauer

    Mauer and Morneau are still fairly young.... there's no telling what could happen in the next few years. Twins are just like the vikings last year. Thier previous was season of playoff caliber, then the next year, with a similair roster, become one of the worst teams in thier league. Doesn't make much sense.... things just didn't come together this year.
  10. LMITOUT - Do you have a life? Seriously.... I'm getting tired of reading your [PoorWordUsage]...... I imagine i'm not the only one either
  11. Percy had a nice start to the game, and AP did his job as usual.... but 39 passing yds from Mcnabb???? Seriously? I think it's gonna be up to Ponder to get our offense rolling this year. Not sure what to make of our defense quite yet..... once Rivers got into his rhythm in the 2nd half and stopped throwing INTs we didn't stand a chance.
  12. WyoChris

    gopher game?

    LMITOUT has some issues. I bet he didn't even care about the packers until the playoffs started last season. He just waits on this forum until a Minnesota fan posts a topic, then he tries and thinks of the best way to to respond, relate it to the packers, and the says how awesome wisconsin is. Not only is he a dork, but he is a traitor to his hometown. If the lions won the superbowl last season, i'm sure he would have a profile picture of Suh. Pathetic......
  13. The bears are gonna be the catfish of the division this year. They aren't any good, but somehow snuck into the playoffs last year. They will still have a tough defense, but I can't see their offense producing anything this year. Although I hate to admit it, the packers will be solid this year. They looked pretty good against the saints last thursday. I think the lions and vikes are the big question marks this year. People want to have high aspirations for the Lions... mainly because the lions have been so terrible the last few years so people have pity on them and want to finally see them have a winning season. A good D lineman (suh) won't carry your team all the way. The vikes have the ability to be a great team. I'd like to see a little more strength at WR, but the rest of the team can be solid.... they were back in 2009 until they S**t themselves last season. Still got a lot of the same players we had back then. Should be a good season
  14. This is great news. AP is an awesome offensive weapon and a lot of fun to watch every sunday. Vikes just locked up a great LB, a great RB, drafted a talented young QB which will develop over the next few years, and got a veteran QB to hold down the position this season. Frazier has his priorities straight.... and is looking out for this team's future in years to come. LMITOUT/Antero: Don't tell us stuff we already know.... everyone knows the NFL is a passing league, but it sure doesn't hurt to have a solid running threat. Every opposing team's defensive coordinator needs to seriously adjust their gameplan since they know how dangerous AP can be. If your not feeling wanted in this forum and need to make ridiculous posts... go find a packers forum so you can all tell each other how you want rodgers to father your children
  15. 90+ games left in the season. It won't be easy, but they still have a shot at the playoffs. The Twins will have to continue to play well...... and the Tigers and Indians will have to play worst
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