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  1. 1" longer With the full size pics you can really tell she's the same
  2. 364 days apart same fish, Last year caught him on (opener)sunday this year on saturday morning,
  3. Was a good opener for me. Got to the lake a little late around 7:30 our so, with in a hour. We had 3 muskies in my boat, I had a rookie with me who has never fished musky before. HE had a strike on his second cast and a hour later landed a 43!! I think he's hooked now!
  4. pics will be up soon waiting on friend to get the rest of them to me!!
  5. Our group did awsome opening weekend saturday till tuesday, 4days,4guy's,2boats, 9 muskies!!!! 18" 40" 42" 43" 44.5" 44.5" 46.5" 47.5" fished three different lakes, got all the muskies but the 18" on one lake!!!!! This is by far the best starter to the summer to come!!!
  6. anybody got some locations on where I could get some info?? any help would be great
  7. Got a 44in pulling cranks out deep last week!!! We did cast for awhile with no follows!! As for night fishing the 44in was th first muskie this year during daylight!! The other five all have been at night from 10:30 to 10:45 all of them it's weird!
  8. Was up there Wednesday, My buddy bagged a 44''.
  9. Opening weekend was awsome Boated 4 muskies nothing big three 41 inchers and a mid thirty, My buddy ( in a different boat) boated a 41.5 incher!! And they all were at night, All within 15 time window everynight. I bagged two within ten minutes!! I Think this means I'm done for the year!!
  10. Last year, Got one at 11:00 at night!!! 47in,
  11. There's another lake near by That I do well early in the year!!
  12. Quote: I won't be to far from emmaville on the opener. More towards itasca park. Maybe Plantagenet or Elk. Hooked into a 44" last year on opener and am hoping to better that this year. Gonna be staying at the cabin near Lake Alice. Good luck to all. I was on ELK last year too!
  13. Where you hunt bass. Hunt Musky's!!!!!!!!! I have my eye on a very large one on that lake she visits me almost everytime. Some day she will bite then my 50+ will be in my book. Untill then I dream alot!!!! By the way Musky fishing is very bad!! You can catch them anywhere on a lake. You would be suprised!! I' ve got them over 70+ft of water! There is no box when your thinking of musky fishing!! Good luck!! All I can say ibs follow the bait fish!!!!
  14. I didn't buy anything at the expo. To many people there I don't like that. Stoped at thorne's and biught some stuff there which were actually cheaper than the show??? I don't know why but there was some lures that were cheaper?? Oh well didn't care about the price to much just a lot more room to walk around and dream.
  15. Well I plan on Making the Muskie show tommorow So I hope I get to look at a few rods and then stoping by Thorne Brothers on the way home. I hope by then I will have a good idea of what kind of Rod I really want!! Thanks!!
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