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  1. You will have a reverse affect, meaning the fridge part will freeze and the freezer will go to the fridge temp causing frozen items to thaw. I had this problem before I heated the garage, know I keep it above freezing temp and problems are over.
  2. Keep in mind if you have any oil stains or stains of other types you may need to acid wash, otherwise it will not last.
  3. Definetly call your adjuster or a restoration company, Experience is that you will need a new roof if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have used a few masons recently and have some ideas, if you want you can give me a call, 612 two four zero, zero zero four nine.
  5. I took the boat out today and took better pictures, also ran the motor. I saw one advertised at a dealer identical except It had a two stroke not a four stroke for 10995. This is priced well below that. let me know if you want some pics. THanks
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