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  1. I think everything's right so far except the HCDP part. In trapshooting, regular Singles are shot from 16 yards. Handicaps are shot at longer distances, back to 27 yards. Shells for Handicaps are loaded to higher pressures and velocities and are thus "hotter" than regular shells. They are a little louder and have a little more recoil but are OK for any trapshooting you may want to do.
  2. Quote: Better enjoy this season. It will probably be the last one.Legislature will correct itself next session. It was hoodwinked into thinking there was HUGE demand when there was not. They will change it back next session and not touch it again. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we vote on and pass an ammendment several years ago that basically stated that wildlife management issue are to be left up to wildlife professionals, i.e. the DNR. I don't think the Legislature could do anything to change the current season, bag limits, etc. even if it wanted to.
  3. The Ruger with a bull barrel is a great gun for the price. I have one that i have put thousands of rounds through. My only complaint is that it is a PITA to clean and as I'm sure you know the .22 rimrire is a filthy little cartridge. That being said, when it needs to be replaced I'll be getting another one.
  4. For the money I think the Ruger with a bull barrel is hard to beat. That being said, a Smith and Wesson M41 is my favorite .22 autoloader. If you like 1911 style pistols, Kimber makes a nice looking one although I haven't shot one. Both the M41 and Kimber would be out of your price range new but a used one should be in there.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Hoyt sights were made by Toxonics. Does anyone have any info on who makes Hoyt sights?
  6. For the second time in the last six years my sleds have not been off the trailer. I am starting to learn however. This year I didn't start them in the fall so they're already summerized for this year.
  7. Hi Rob, Check out Pasha Lake Cabins. They have a web site. It's not on Nipigon but it's not too far a drive and they run charters to Nipigon. They also have side trips to lots of local lakes and should be able to direct you to what ever you want to fish for. It's a nice place run by nice people. Good luck.
  8. 45acpshooter

    12 ga Inquiry

    Another vote for the 870 Express. I've owned dozens of shotguns valued from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. My 870 has taken a ton of abuse and has never failed to work. The finish is extremely resistant to rust. I have other guns that I shoot better but the 870 will always have a place on my gun rack.
  9. I'd rather go into the sharp and nasty stuff without my shotgun than without my Filson chaps; a "must have" in my book.
  10. H&K p2000sk. A little spendy but IMHO a perfect carry pistol. I would really prefer a M1911 style pistol but cocked and locked makes me too nervous.
  11. I agree with Harvey. Go with a peep without the tube. A huge rubber band pointed straight at my eye kinda makes me nervous.
  12. Nudey bar??? How the heck did I miss that. Where? Fishing at the Splake Lake was incredible however. I was there in mid Jan. Four of us limited in just a couple hours. Fish averaged about 25" The new owner seemed eager to please but, by his own admission, doesn't have much of a fishing background. We wasted a whole morning on a nearby Brook Trout lake with him and didn't even get a bite. Give him a year and I'll bet he'll be alright.
  13. I'm not Setterguy but I do have a book to recommend. Check out "Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog:The Delmar Smith Method" by Bill Tarrant. I've had 6 Setters and have found it to be an excellent book. Good luck.
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