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  1. Yeah it is, how's it going? Have you done much fishing lately? I haven't been out at all but I think I am heading to Upper Red on Sat. Take it easy
  2. This wasn't me, but a buddy I was with. 6 of us went fishing at LOW. We had an 8x12 sleeper that is nice and cozy, but it only sleeps 4, sometimes 5 if you really cram in there. Anyhow, my buddy and his friend he had brought along had a clam 8600 or 6800, I can't remember but it is just big enough for 2 cots. Well it got pretty cold that night and a storm moved in. It was about -25 and 40 mph winds. We fished until dark, played poker and drank until about 2am. It was now bedtime. Those 2 said they'd tough it out, even though we could hear the wind howling like a wolf. They settled into their portable, each had a little heater underneath their cot. They headed into their portable and we settled into our nice warm cots in the permanent house. About 7am I got up and decided to check and make sure they were still alive. I got to their portable and found it nearly completely iced over. After fighting with the zipper for a few minutes I found them cuddled up like a couple of rabbits in a snowstorm. They had made it through the storm. There was ice built up all around the inside of their house, but they were warm enough. The fabric of the portable had flapped in the wind all night long and drove them crazy, but they made it. I wouldn't have wanted to be in that portable that night.
  3. Come on, first things first. The first thing you buy is a fishing rod and reel, then a shelter, auger, heater. A flasher is a nice addition but it isn't a neccesity, you can catch fish without it. But if it's -10, you won't be around long enough to catch fish.
  4. I have both, and have used both for ice fishing. I typically fish The Lake of the Woods, the snow can get very deep up there. I haven't had trouble using the wheeler in too much snow, when the snow is deep, at least up here, it is usually pretty cold also, which means the wheeler rides along on top of the snow. A few times in the spring of the year, when it warms up, the wheeler has to really work to pull through that soft snow. But if I know I am going to be driving like 15 miles, I take the sled because you can go alot faster. I fish with a portable mostly but we also have a permanent that a sled would never pull but the wheeler can tug it around wherever we want it to go. Like many have said, you can use the wheeler year round, the sled sits around for 9 months out of the year.
  5. I have hunted there about 25 times over the last 10 years. They will treat you great and have plenty of land to hunt. Their # is 218 935 2468. It should only be about 20 minutes from Fosston.
  6. and last year I used the Mr. Heater/Cooker. It is enough even on very cold days (used it last year in -30 weather. But one thing that really helps is this. I always put the door towards the wind. The reason that helps is this, the draft automatically circulates the heat towards you. When I put my back to the wind all the heat stays on the other side of the house. I got a Big Buddy for Christmas and plan on using that this weekend. I have already tried it in the garage and from that I know it will put out more than enough heat. I usually like to fish without my coat on.
  7. I usually keep it around 25. But one thing I do for safety is this.....I always drive in reverse as I feel my pickup is much heavier in the front so I want the weight behind me. It has worked very good so far as I haven't broken through yet. I get a few weird looks when I routinely pass people in reverse. I especially like the looks on their faces when I swerve back in front of them and get to look them straight in the eye. It's priceless. I also like to use this stategy going down the interstate.
  8. I also have a voyageur. I am using a lantern now but your idea looks awesome. Let me know if you would be willing to sell a set. I don't know a thing about electricity.
  9. I have a voyageur, I wrote in black marker my DNR # on a piece of carboard and slid it in the license holder. It works good. Then I used the clam screws (that come with the house) and screwed it through the zipper tag. Works fine and is displayed for the warden. Didn't cost me a dime and works fine
  10. I would like to get them for my clam. Thanks
  11. It seems as though in your eyes I am constantly at that crossroads. I can't afford to spend 250 on a marcum. Maybe we can work out a payment plan, say 25 a year for 10 years....payments will be made each Dec. 31st. Whatta you think
  12. suit yourself, but I sure feel bad for that LX3, his owner doesn't care at all about it's feelings, just the bottom line.
  13. I will give you this. If (and when) I win this poker tourney tonight, I will buy it. If I don't, I better pass because I am trying to stuff a little cash aside for this Vegas trip that is coming up.
  14. 12lb8oz


    I have a voyageur and they have that flap just for the license #. I was wondering what I needed to do, I thought I was going to have to bring it in to have it sewn on, but I suppose a black marker would work pretty well. Have any of you tried that on a clam???
  15. Gripem, The thing you need to decide is this....do you want your fishing geer to go to someone who can obviously make it happier than you ever have (by pulling up walleye after walleye) or do you want it in the hands of some stranger???? Whoever gets it probably won't treat it well, they'll let it bang around in the back seat of their truck, drag it around in a sled out to the fishouse, let the battery's run low. If it were mine (for $175 like Coldmark suggests) I would treat it right. I wouldn't let it bang around in the back of the truck, I would always keep the battery's fresh and the most important is this one, you know (Contact US Regarding This Word) well I will constantly be pulling fish out of the lake to satisfy that LX3. Now who could give it a better home than 12lb 8oz???? $175 and I'll kick in some of your magazines that you left in the fish house. By the way, I got in trouble for those from my wife. "what kind of a sick (Contact US Regarding This Word) buys a magazine named "knockers" were her exact words". My answer was simple, TRAV.
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