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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. If the hole were not also drilled through the rubberized mat/pad I probably would have gone with a patch of some sort. At this point I will pull off the old mat and put a new one down. Seems like the best way to go. Thanks again for all the feedback
  2. Leaving the puck there probably would have been the thing to do. Unfortunately that is not an option as I already sold it to someone. So any suggestions for plan B? Thanks, Scaup
  3. I recently removed an older Lowrance unit from my boat and the antenna/puck. I now have about 1" - 1 1/8" hole where the wires ran from the gps unit to the puck. I have a fiberglass boat and am looking for some suggestions as to a plug/grommet or whatever that I can put in that hole as the new unit does not need an external antenna. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Scaup
  4. I usually drive up to Ottertail lake a couple times a year. This year I would like to stay a couple of days. If anyone could point in the direction of a campground on Ottertail that has the following I would appreciate it: 1. Located on Ottertail 2. Tent Sites 3. Electrical (Optional) 4. Shower/Bathroom Maybe such a place does not exist but I thought I would check. Thanks for your help............
  5. I don't really know where to post this so I will start here. I see that Digger Anchor now has a Digger Anchor 2 model. I am wondering if anyone has experience with either of the Digger Anchors 1 or 2 because there is a pretty big price difference between the two of them. Thanks............
  6. I just got done with a similiar hedache. I bought the trailer from out of state. That guy bought from a MN owner. ND owner had no title info. Based on the weight of the boat, motor, trailer the trailer had to be titled and licensed. I had to get ahold of the previous owner in MN and he was really helpfull, bit it was kinda a pain. however, after jumping thorugh a few hoops and many phone calls it is done. The trick is to find that original owner.
  7. You will not need a second battery. I have run a t8 and an f150 off the same battery for years. As far as tying them together I would not do that in a tiller configuration. When you are stearing your tiller you will also be stearing your big motor and if you try to steer vice versa you will lose throttle and shift control on your kicker. You are talking about a pretty unique setup and I think there is a reason you don't see it more often. The price difference between a Vantage and batteries and a kicker really is not that great. Regardless of what size kicker you put on the back you will find that boat control will be a bit of an issue especially in a cross wind (no different than an electric). Also the extra weight could have some effect on whole shot as well as top end. This can be adjusted by putting a different prop on though.
  8. The f90 on my boat is an 04. I know that merc has the big tiller handle on the new motors I would hope it could be intstalled on an older motor as well.
  9. scaup

    New boat plug?

    I also installed one these plugs and had the same concerns as others have listed. Long story short boat full of water because old dead minnow from the bottome of the boat caused the ball to stick open. They need to intall some type of screen to stop debris from clogging from both inside and outside the boat. $55 not impressed, talked to another guy and he had the same problem. Great concept though.................
  10. I have an F90 on a 618t. The owner before me had the Variable Trolling Speed switch installed. I had a yamaha T8 on my last boat and can see no reason on this boat. I can bring the F90 down 550 rpms with a pretty good wind behind me and a foot of chop I can get the boat speed down to 1.5 mph. I have no idea what the VTS switch cost but I would recommend looking into this before you lay out cash on 9.9. Not only that but you will be adding another 200 lbs to your boat if you add a t8. Good Luck.............
  11. It is really hard to find a used tiller especially in the 17 - 18 ft range. They are out there but like I said they seem to be hard to find. I used to have a 1775 Pro V tiller and other than the pro v's wide gunnel there does not seem to be any big difference. I do not know about auto bilge and timed livewells though. I loved my Pro V and often wished that I kept that boat.
  12. Just looking for a little info from people that have spent some time in one of these boats. I like the layout, but I am really wondering how this boat performs with the 90 Merc EFI on the back? Also I am curious about the comand center for the electronics. It looks pretty slick, but I could see where it might be one more thing do deal with when on the water. It also seems pretty exposed to the elemts as well. I am comparing the Lund to the Alumacraft Competitor 185T so any info on the Alumacraft would be appreciated.
  13. Mnfisher, I have been following your other thread with the humidity issues. Did the dehumidifier help? Or is not worth the money? Thanks, scaup
  14. I am wondering if anyone has experience with these. I have a house with slightly elevated humidity levels and radient heat. With the radiant heat there is no central fan to move air around the house. I can increase the movement of air with cieling fans but after doing a little research on line I found the low temp dehumidifiers and I am thinking that this might be an option. There are pretty spendy so I would really like some feedback if anyone has some. Thanks
  15. I pull all year long. Just because I like it. I still use live bait on certain waters at certain times but I prefer cranks. Somebody had mentioned earlier the use of line counters. I think this is crucial. Line counters allow you to develop a consistent presentation with you bait. When I fish under 8 ft. I still use an open face because I can get the lure back in the water faster.The only other thing that I would add is that people sometimes get hung up on a precise depth. For example, "2 feet off the bottom" IMO you are looking at getting your bait into a zone. Generally speaking that zone is two feet above or below the fish. Speed matters but the slow in cold water rule gets broken all the time. Pulling cranks is a whole different type of fishing. Just like fishing with dry flyes in a stream is different than lake fishing with live bait.
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