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  1. I LOVE eelpout! Someone melt me some butter!!!!!!
  2. this is my all time favorite picture i have got while duck hunting. its straight mn late season waterfowling while people were ice fishing.
  3. Thats how we ate them as kids growing up. We would pile them into the laundry room tub and go at it. Of course Dad was no where to be found. Probably on the couch watchin football or Verne Gagne wrestling. The skin really holds in the moisture in the meat and gives it a sweet taste. We also ate the tail fins like potato chips. If you are willing to clean them all sizes are good. I dont discriminate. And yes, I will keep the bigger ones. And no, I dont care what you think about it. Leave the preaching to my pastor.
  4. I know people that have been doing that for years on Lake Michigan. They just take out past clients and close personal friends. And they dont advertise. It's not uncommon. Years of experience on the water is more valuable then a training class. UNLESS you are just starting out or only a few years into it.
  5. Ely, to fish with my son that is going to VCC. He's got the hotspots where there is little pressure. He hooked up a job at one of the outfitters for the summer. He is livin the good life.
  6. I have the opposite problem myself. It worked great in my boat last year. This year it wont lock or find the bottom any deeper then 8ft. I am really depressed. Maybe the transducer has gone bad over the winter? I do hear the variable clicking at the transducer when it is out of the water. Every spring its something different.....
  7. 2009 10th Annual crappie Tournament on Prior Lake Date: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 Prior Lake Hooksetters 10th Annual kids crappie tournament on Prior Lake. Take a kid fishing for the day and a chance to win great prizes. Kids get a FREE grab bag and an entry into the kid’s raffle. Adults have a chance to enter into their own raffle and win many great prize, as well as our separate grand prize giveaway raffle! Cost $30 Per Boat. 7:00 a.m-9:00 a.m Reg. At Captain jack’s 9:00 a.m. Take Off! 2:00 p.m. Weigh-in at Captain J’s Any Questions? Contact Scott @ (952)292-2498 Or E-mail us at [email protected]
  8. They move in first for food. Then later on spawn. I am going out today. I'm pumped!!
  9. What city is this near. Or am I missing something. Oops, I see, Hills Minnesota. Now I just need to find where it is.
  10. Mine is full time 4wd, can't switch from 2 to 4wd.(Maybe a stronger front axle design?) so I would think putting them in front would be ok but, rear should be enough. Thanks for the input. I will be giving it a whirl tomorrow. I can always leave it near shore if it doesnt work.
  11. I have a 8by10 fishouse I built. It is is just the shell with nothing in it except insulation. Built out of 2by2 walls and 2by4 floor/ceiling joists and 2 runners. My wheeler is a honda 300 4by4 with chains on the back. Does anyone think I could pull it across the ice right now? There is about 3" of snow on the ice currently so I think if I can get it going it shouldnt be a problem. Any thoughts?
  12. I just put my cabelas chains on. Work pretty slick.
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