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  1. fsnrod

    Look what the DNR just sent me.....

    It should not be a decal for your trailer your trailer didn't take the test. Anybody who didn't take that test could pull that trailer any place in mn. But I who took the test couldn't pull a boat trailer without a decal. It should be card for your pocket that shows you took the test and be legal to pull any water related trailer.
  2. fsnrod

    Honda lite Problem?

    I don't know if you are aware that running non oxy. gas in cold weather you will get carb. iceing.
  3. fsnrod

    Best spring bobber?

    Just take a heavy line double it up and push it through from the end put your light line through the hoop pull in back out done.
  4. fsnrod

    Ion Electric Auger reviews

    About ten gallons
  5. fsnrod

    LX5 Charging

    Ive had lx3 since 2003 same charger works great never failed .Also have a lx5 since they came out that charger also works great I wouldn't trade either one for anything else. I bought a FL 18 on sale a few years ago used it a few times didn't like it compared to the marcums sold it same year.
  6. The woman overcooking his venison.
  7. fsnrod

    New Trailer Decal Requirement

    What I don't understand is I take the test not my boat trailers. I can only pull one at a time why don't you get a certificate like your fishing license not decal for your trailer. Somebody who never took the test could be pulling it.
  8. fsnrod

    sharpening Lazer auger blades

    Frankies in Chisago sharpens lazer blades
  9. fsnrod

    Fish house bathroom

    In the winter where do you dump it?
  10. fsnrod

    Be careful with propane

  11. fsnrod

    Be careful with propane

    I did not see any place in that article that said he was refilling 1 lb or any other tank he might have been unhooking or hooking up a twenty lb tank.
  12. fsnrod

    Thanks Gander...

    Ganders policy must be to not open checkout stations every one I've been in the last few years is like that ten people waiting one person working in customer service.
  13. fsnrod

    Calling to toms with hens

    I have better luck calling groups in with no decoys out in the early seasons.
  14. fsnrod

    How do you process your bird?

    I breast it and cook the breast in various ways. I debone the legs and thighs grind it along with the heart and gizzard you get eight good sized and delicious turkey burgers.
  15. fsnrod

    Are dead flasher batteries worth $$$

    Where do sell them at? Do's that include car batterys to?