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  1. Dynamic

    Engine Mounted Trolling Motor

    Has any one ever use an Engine Mounted trolling motor? Im looking to by one and i need some feed back on them Thanks.
  2. Has anyone used an engine mounted trolling motor?. I need some feed back, im thinking of buy on? Thank you.
  3. has any one fished this lake?
  4. Dynamic

    Aqua VU scout or Marcum VS 350

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  5. I bought them at Vados in spring lake park. They cost $5 for a lb and thats only 3 cisco's Good luck and be safe
  6. Going to canada next week and i just bought 2lbs of cisco. The ? is do i fish with the whole cisco or cut it up?
  7. Dynamic

    Clam 5600

    Post deleted by Dynamic
  8. Dynamic

    Clam 5600

    i have a 5600 and it very hard to pull by hand,any suggestions on a easier way to pull. Plus the floor is slick
  9. Dynamic

    Mr Heater cooker question...

    the 20 punder with the hose works great just have to get the hose away from the heater. i melted my hose luckly i had no leaks
  10. Dynamic


    just cam off medicne lake theres 7 inchs of ice. Two guys fishing and catching fish, it looked like a 3lb northern. good luck and be safe.