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  1. Has any one ever use an Engine Mounted trolling motor? Im looking to by one and i need some feed back on them Thanks.
  2. Has anyone used an engine mounted trolling motor?. I need some feed back, im thinking of buy on? Thank you.
  3. I bought them at Vados in spring lake park. They cost $5 for a lb and thats only 3 cisco's Good luck and be safe
  4. Going to canada next week and i just bought 2lbs of cisco. The ? is do i fish with the whole cisco or cut it up?
  5. Dynamic

    Clam 5600

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  6. Dynamic

    Clam 5600

    i have a 5600 and it very hard to pull by hand,any suggestions on a easier way to pull. Plus the floor is slick
  7. the 20 punder with the hose works great just have to get the hose away from the heater. i melted my hose luckly i had no leaks
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    just cam off medicne lake theres 7 inchs of ice. Two guys fishing and catching fish, it looked like a 3lb northern. good luck and be safe.
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