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  1. I think the most ironic advertisement I've ever seen is Aquatic Kill. They show you two pictures. In one frame you have a few fish hanging out in the weeds. The next picture that you see is that the weeds are gone but the fish are still there in the exact same spot. Fish are probably at the top of the list of the most sensitive creatures on this planet. Environment, barometric pressure, temperature, water clarity, ph, wind, depth, water traffic, etc. I catch and release. I've fished Tonka for 24 years. I'll never fish a bay marked with orange signs that announce that it was poisoned.
  2. Thanks Ron. I really really don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but May 5th? It's a week before opener..... The one thing that I absolutely loved about the crappie contest on tonka was that it always coincided with the NFL Draft in late April. I can remember freezing my butt off in rain and wind listening to the Vikes blow another draft pick. I do remember the day we picked up AP. We got some good crappies that day, it was probably 65 degrees. I also remember when Tice and the gang skipped their first round pick and eventually got Kevin Williams. That was probably a 70 degree day. I remember when we didn't get Steve McNair like Denny wanted but we did get Randy Moss. The crappie contest's lure was the harbinger of what was yet to come but better, what was yet to be fulfilled. I guess you must be a long suffering Vikes fan to relate. May 5th? I will fish walleyes on the Croix instead.
  3. I like to use an Ice Buster bobber trimmed down so that it's barely afloat. I keep my bail open so losing your rod/reel isn't an issue if a pig hits. My favorite quote: "Dude, where's my bobber"?
  4. I had a chat with the Lakmaster booth at the St. Paul ice show. Lakemaster was purchased by Johnson Outdoors. Johnson Outdoors also owns Humminbird. They've discontinued production of all chips with the exception of Humminbird products.
  5. Free is good! Don't have an auger so I'd use it every time I take my son out. Would love to try it out on the Horseshoe Chain! Eric Fuhrer Chaska, MN
  6. I went from Minnesota to Colorado(Boulder)back to Minnesota. The fishing there can be fun but the rub is that most lakes (res.) on the front range are private. If you can fish a pond in your area, you'll get a nice bass or maybe even a walleye. It's completely different there. A pond or a hole you wouldn't even look twice at here in MN is what you're delegated to finding now. You don't have to worry about winterkill there. Water access, rights, are completly different there than they are here. Horsetooth is a res. that you will get to know soon enough but it's pounded "hard". Boats, skiers, fishermen, etc.... Try to make a trip or two to the big res. in Nebraska. I think it's called Lake McCannahay (sp?). Big walleyes there. It's much different there. Good luck.
  7. I'm going on my fourth season on my 75hp/carbs. Never had a problem until the end of last year. I took it in for a tune up and it's still great. I've pulled tubes and wake boards for three summers w/o an issue. She is getting a bit cold blooded but I just take an extra minute at the dock to let her warm up. I'd own another one.
  8. I have a 17' Lund Angler with a 75 Yamaha 4 stroke. I pull tubes and wake boarders with ease. I even mounted downriggers on to the sides. I love to go to Door county every July/Aug and slam the salmon. A little deeper v would be nice but I'll never go away from a tiller.
  9. My wifes grandmother had put her down as a beneficary of a small life insurance policy. She died in 87' but she wasn't aware of the policy. Just last week her aunt in Wyoming saw her and her sisters name in the paper listed for unclaimed property being held by the state of Wyoming. Her and her sister are splitting $1000.00. Go to state govt. websites where you or family are from and check the sections for unclaimed property.
  10. This will be my fourth winter using Chubbies. I own probably 20 or so in different colors and sizes. It out fishes everything from the Angel Eye to the Buckshot Rattle spoon. They even work in open water. I always switch out the trebles to red ones. A minnow head on the bottom of it's belly is all you need. They say that the bigger the crankbait the better when it comes to late fall fishing. I believe that the fish are still looking for a big fat easy meal well into Jan. I didn't get to LOW last year but the year before the Gold Chubbie with orange belly out produced everything! Be sure to fish a plain dead stick within 3 feet of your Chubbie. It does call them in but sometimes the deadstick is what gets them to bite.
  11. To all you "ice hogs" out there this winter: Don't eat yellow snow.
  12. I mean we get laughed at for living in the middle of the country, in the middle of nowhere. Hey, I like it here. I don't live in a city that's six feet below sea level for a reason. I don't live in Florida, hurricane alley, for a reason. I don't live in LA or San Francisco, earthquake zone for a reason. I don't remember Grand Forks getting looted when they flooded. They all laugh at us for living where we do. For having four seasons. Should I pay for their ignorance with my tax dollars to rebuild their city that's six feed below sea level? Should my tax dollars be spent to rebuild Joe Blow's beach front house sitting on stilts ten feet from the ocean? Not to be cruel but I think not! This was predicted. This was enevitable.
  13. My aunt and uncle have a high power transmission line within 100 feet of their home. He has cancer. She has cancer.
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