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  1. tims

    vikes vs. skins

    All you Gerhart haters are just stereotyping him because he is a white tailback. The kid won the game for them and all you can do is bash him. He is not slow he had a top 10 40 time in the combine(4.5 range). Even more impressive was that he averaged almost 4 ypc while not breaking one run longer than six yards. He got most of his carries when the other team knew it was coming which probably kept him from breaking one. If I recall he had the best average per carry in the preseaon when they actually let him run. Plus he has shown the ability in the open field recieving this year. You haters are just repeating things you hear on sports radio and your minds are simply programmed from watching Sports Center 24/7. If any of you had watched him in college you would realise he is a very talented TAILBACK.
  2. tims

    Panthers v. Vikings

    10 pages of comments about a silly game? It's a shame grown men can get all bent out of shape and so depressed about a meaningless game. I remember when I was a young lad how upset I would get when the Vikes lost. I would be grumpy all week because of it. What a waste of energy and thought... I will no longer let the results of a silly game dictate any part of my life or mood. It's kind of like overcoming an addiction. What a relief it has been! Reading through this thread I can't believe people actually would choose were they raise their family based on that states sports teams! Do you actually think these millionaire players give a ****?? They don’t. I cant believe we have degraded so far as a society that we, the working taxpayers, are paying for this ridiculous circus. Not too long ago pro players made less $ than the average working Joe. It needs to return to that before I drop a dime on anything to do with pro-sports. Hopefully people can step back and realize just how ridiculous this has become.
  3. Ive been noticing groups of anglers spreading tipups over vast expanses. I was night fishing a favorite sunken hump of mine and it was like navigating a mine field. This hump is about the size of 3 football fields and normally can support several fisherman but it was unfishable because the spot was loaded with tipups. I almost ran over about 10 of them as I crept along trying to find a spot on my sled. The group had about 4 trucks and every once in a while they would drive around and check them with their headlights. Seems like a boring way to fish. Ive also noticed on other lakes in the area tipups set up 100-200 yards from were people are jiggin. Is this legal in WI?
  4. Get a cat. Then put a pet door in so the cat can get into the garage. Seems to work as I have never had a mouse get into my portable. Keeps the wife entertained while im fishing too!
  5. The Vike's lose with Tjack. Always have, always will. Defenses clamp down because there is no real deep passing threat. Throws off the running game and the rest just follows. Pretty simple really...
  6. I had 4"-5" on a few of the smaller shallow lakes as of today. Deeper clear water lakes are not ready for the most part.
  7. tims

    Cory B.

    Seems like he dropped of the face of the earth. Were did he and all of his old posts go?
  8. Does anyone target crappies on these lakes? Ive caught a few by accident and got into them good one day on Spirit but cant find them very consitantly. Any lakes or bays that seem to hold them in the winter. Feel free to email me. [email protected]
  9. How was the fishing crappieman? Im heading up in that direction this weekend
  10. Crappieman- shoot me and email if you'd like to compare notes. I dont know the current conditions in that area, however I fish the Spooner area often as my girlfriend's family lives there. WI'S DNR survey's suck compared to MN'S. mrj6749atyahoodotcom
  11. Bought it new last winter. Its a 500 EFI, Has 80 miles on it. It idles like dump. Started doing it only when I would quickly deccelerate, now it kills all the time. Is this something I can adjust on my own or do I have to pay the shop? Thanks
  12. Well NDSU lost the last game of the season to SOUTH DAKOTA STATE. Im happy because I played for SDSU. This post however, is just to prove my point. The difference from the bigger schools to the smaller schools is smaller than people think. SDSU lost to UWL(d3)last year. SDSU won the conference this year with the win. This brings up another question in another post. Could the Johnnies or UWL beat the Gophers? Probably. The Gophers by the way, competed with the 24th ranked Badgers closer today than they did the 2 previous years with the Bison. The Gophers are letting lots of instate talent slip by to the smaller schools, who are outperforming them.
  13. I thought it was kinda funny And I run a Marcum...
  14. tims

    Spikes Or Waxies ?

    If im forced to use bait its mainly waxies. If i need a smaller profile i just use a chunk of a waxie. On a side note, one time I left my spikes in my jacket pocket for a few weeks and they hatched into flies. That was kinda neat...
  15. On my home computer the ice forum wont load. Whats the deal? Every other forum works fine. Ive cleared cookies and rebooted the computer but still wont load. Maybe someone is trying to tell me to kick the ice habit
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