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  1. All pics sent - this will make a great house for someone, please let me know if you are interested in viewing in person. Matt Breuer with Northcountry Guide Service has fished out of this house and runs King Crow for his rental business. See his note earlier in this string and feel free to contact him on this house as a reference at mjbreuer at charter.net
  2. thank you all for your interest, all pics sent as requested. I believe this is over 40 interested parties, please advise if you have questions.
  3. was just on LFC and Sharpe for 4 days, really tough all up and down LFC w/o water running. I'd try somewhere else if water is off.
  4. so sorry to hear of the tragic loss - in thoughts and prayers.. God bless
  5. first off, would like to thank all in the forum for assitance / answers to my novice questions over the past several months - very helpful. well, I looked at all of them, I think. all brands, models. at the show last week, in person, online. end up where I started with a new king crow 16'. had a few years experience fishing in this brand and liked them. know a guide that has run them for several years as rental houses. I started looking at used, advise here - I found that most used houses list at 90% to 95% of new value after 2 seasons, it was worth the $500 to $800 discount to own something new, to me. brands - in summary, there all pretty good. the various brands like to emphasize their features as the only way to go... ice castle / ice pro - low price, maybe not as good of quality and design - get what you pay for. see many for sale in the classifeds. pro fish - these guys make a great house, good design. however, their pricing is premium and my budget didn't allow me to go there. there was an interesting all aluminmum house that I didn't have time to see in person. can't remember the name. The other brands I saw online - all looked good. The king crow I bought is moderately decked out. I ordered 3 bunks (one flip in the front of the house) this can be flipped up when fishing. oven, cook stove, fan, gas light, insulated floor, . Can't wait to start fishing.
  6. what do you recommend for frames?
  7. thank you guys for the feedback. anyone have any comments on the trailer quality of the king crow vs. the tube style frames. Thank you
  8. Hello fellas would like to buy or build a 6.5 x 14 wheel house and hoping you can help me sort through the options. Option 1 - buy new, $5k to $6k. this is the easiest but most expensive option. looking at the IcePro or the King Crow. fished out of the king crow several times and like them. not sure how the trailer long distances. anyone have any feedback on the IcePro? Option 2 - buy shell house (unfinished) with trailer frame, studs, and siding, ($3.5k for the shell, plus $1k to finish). looks like IcePro offers a shell house, King Crow a stripped down model. I am reasonably handy and have access to a shop. Anyone ever go this route? I would think that one could finish a roughed in house working 5 days or so. Option 3 - but trailer frame only ($2k) and build from scratch. I've seen several folks on this site that have built nice houses - cons, time - might not be ready for the start of the season. Thank you for your input. md
  9. thanks Riptide - used your idea to secure the house using rachet staps, worked great.
  10. other options are driving 40 minutes back to Chamberlain or like 45 to 50 minutes to Pierre - any other places to stay? thanks for the info
  11. thank you for the heads-up - looked like lode star casino was shut down for while.
  12. anyone have any experience staying at either the Lode Star or Golden Buffalo motels near ft thompson? will be fishing in this area in the spring and would rather not drive in from chamberlain or pierre. thank you for any help in advance.
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