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  1. It runs great.... The first pull and it started. I just wondering how much I could possible sell it for so I kinda needed the year... Thanks alote for you help guys.
  2. I just got a Eskimo auger from my neighbors dad who was moving to Texas. How do you tell how old it is. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. hopper.. Can you e-mail me your phone # so we can talk... My cousin is very interested... You can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks
  4. Just wondering how many people are in the tournament and what # did you get...We got # 9... Last I checked there was still 4 or 5 spots left....
  5. Action Fishing in Anoka will be open.
  6. I think they are both good houses, But the one thing that I found out is that the Frabill will fit under my topper for my truck, The Yukon will not. So I bought the Frabill.The price and room are great, Cant wait to try it out.
  7. The only thing I can say is that the FL18 I use all year round. The bottom lock is outstanding on the FL18. They are both great units. But I prefer the vexilar.. Just my two cents....
  8. Is there still a chance that we can have a small one on the river for everybody that want to fish it... Or do we have to go through all the channels and get a permit? I think we should still have one. I talk with jack at actions yesterday and he would be willing to help out with what he can...
  9. jipper

    Rod or Reel ??

    Is it more important to have a better rod or a better reel... I know they are both important, But if you had to choose.. Which one ??? Thanks
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