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  1. Heard of rods and lures being stolen but never a cheat box.
  2. If you have a Cash Wise Foods grocery store near ya go there.. You might have to order them but they set you up real good with a fair price.
  3. I agree with cubbies...Alot of people come right at the hot bite time and punch holes all over...It gets old
  4. There is cold air on the way...but not till sunday night...suppose to get down to 12 or so...I'll be out on Monday for sure fishing my secret honey hole if it does get cold
  5. Up to 6 inches I use the hand auger, not bad if you have sharp blades on it. After that its the power auger
  6. Clean out a couple 20 oz. pop bottles and use them. Thats what I do when Im out on the ice.
  7. www.accu-weather.com has cold weather forcasted starting sunday night for my fishing area. Its about time!!!
  8. Im going home on sunday for x-mas break from school and just wondering if theres any good ice to go sit out on yet. Any feedback is appreciated
  9. I take mine out on no less than six inches.
  10. Glad to here you threw it back matt. That shows good catch and release practices!!
  11. All im saying is if you guys need to go out and buy a piece of equipment that cost $350-$400 hundread bucks, you probably dont fish enough during the late summer to find the fish patterns . And i do own a boat and a depth finder...but the fish that show up on depth finders arent really there...dont believe me, put the transducer in a bucket of water...hmm fish show up on it.
  12. I think that vexilars and marcums are the worst thing ever made. Its cheating. YOU dont give the fish a chance when you use these. The DNR should band all types of these including aqua views. A real sportsman goes out and finds the fish by drilling 2 holes and fishing for them, not by going out and drilling 97 holes until you find a school of fish.
  13. In my experience spearing, 7 years, ive come to the conclusion in clear water use live and in mirky water use artificial. But thats my opinion
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