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  1. I changed out all my older 4' and 8' fluorescent bulbs to the new efficient style. I have 40) 4' and 20) 8' bulbs. Some are new and some still with lots of life in them. 651-645-0121, 612-788-1369 John. Free if you take them all.
  2. I was wondering if you folks can tell me about the shacks we see on the ice. They are a canvas cover with the ends that fold up and a piece of conduit is inserted betweens the ends to keep it spread apart. I have seen a plastic, corregated, light-weight material used for the ends. Where does a person find that? Thanks NJ
  3. Price reduced. Marcum LX-3 with color update. $300.00 Works great, battery 2 years old. Puck in very good condition. Charger included, I believe I still have the book. [email protected]
  4. Price reduced. Marcum LX-3 with color update. $300.00 Works great, battery 2 years old. Puck in very good condition. Charger included, I believe I still have the book. [email protected]
  5. Has anyone fished in Tennesee for walleye and crappie? I need the name of a lake and a resort. There is no Tenn. thread on FM. We just took the relatives on a Lake of the Woods, MN. walleye trip and they want to try it in Tenn. next year. Thanks in advance!
  6. Tall T, please call me 612-957-1219 or email [email protected] Have a few questions for you on gps's. Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought a white opaque rod online from someone. I would like to find some more. It is 28-30", possibly fiberglas, large wire eyes, cork handle with cheap black plastic caps on the cork. They look inexpensive by todays standards, but they work well. Very light tip for detecting light biters. My buddy landed a 37" northern on his, so they take a beating. Any help would be appecciated. Thanks, folks.
  8. Valv, any left for a 1775 T Pro V ? A buddy just told me about your deal. Thanks. 651-983-1164
  9. Just a thought about brightening up the house. I bought the Add-on shroud that fits over the Coleman lanterns. It puts out 40-50% more light. I bought it from a company that advertises on here. Well worth the look.
  10. nauticaljohn

    Hyfax strips

    I used a handheld torch to get the strips to conform to the sled bottom. Not too much. They will start to wrap when you've reached the proper heat.
  11. Thanks to all of you guys. I won't respond to each reply, but have gleened something from each of you. Recap: down-size even more, re-think sonar images, let bait sit on bottom a minute and raise slowly, spring bob, take away, etc. If anyone has an opening on a trip, let me know. Metro, Mille, Red. [email protected]
  12. In years past, we have seen days ice fishing when the fish come up off the bottom, look, and drop back down. There were a few days each winter like that. Does it seem to anyone else that it has become the norm this year? Any body of water, any spieces?? I have experienced this phenom on Red, Mille Lacs, LOTW, St. Croix, Canada, and two local lakes. All winter. I am conscious of gas on hands, noise, all size/shape/color of lures, line size/color, and numerous other variables. I've always been an aggressive jigger, but have learned the past 2-3 years to slow it down and let it sit in their face before they'll take it. I've put on a couple thousand miles this year and only hit them one time in ten trips. I love it too much to get discouraged. I know it's got to be operator error, but I'm stumped. I was heard to say this last weekend "all the fish in every lake can't get that smart that fast." Any ideas?
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