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  1. Hmm... My 4 and 2 year olds really want to go fishing for the first time. Would this be an ok place to give it a go or should I go somewhere on my own with them?
  2. My wife and I are going fishing this weekend Thurs-Sun and are literally considering anywhere from 94 to Rainy Lake with the exception of Mille Lacs because we need a guarantee we can get on the water even if it's windy. Anyways, I know I haven't looked for it in a while but I was looking for the Hot Deals forum for a good deal on a cabin for the weekend and the forum is gone. Has it been gone long? If anyone knows of any good deals for our long weekend, let me know. Email me - eric at hromatka.org Evenflow
  3. Evenflow

    Favorite Lube?

    Look up International Falls, Hibbing, Tower, Embarass and Ely. They all get VERY cold quite often in the winter. Especially Tower and Embarass.
  4. Evenflow

    Whats wrong with my sled?

    It sounds to me like a needle fell off one of the throttle cables. It happened to both me and my cousin last winter. Very easy to check, just unscrew the cap from the top of the carb and if the spring shoots out (be careful) then you've found your problem.
  5. Evenflow

    Used Equipment (helmets)

    I gave up looking for a cost efficient rental and I purchased a Polaris '02 550 Classic this weekend. I'm going to get myself a nice new helmet, but I also need to find an inexpensive helmet for someone else before this weekend. I've thought of checking pawn shops, but being new to this sledding thing I may be overlooking something obvious. Maybe Play it Again? Or one of the other used sporting good stores? Any ideas? Thanks, Evenflow
  6. Evenflow

    Snowmobile rental

    I'm heading up to Alexandria in a couple of weeks and the guy I'm meeting there doesn't have a sled. Does anyone know of a place I can stop by on the way up from the cities and rent a sled for the weekend? Evenflow
  7. Swampman- I read your post in the other thread too and before I say anything I want you to know that I'm not trying to just pick on bait dealers. Farmers and tiling fields are in my opinion far more to blame for declining duck populations in MN. However, I do believe the DNR has been catering to fishing and fishing needs (bait) too much. I can't give you specific instances, but I know on more than just a couple of occasions when the DNR has tried to lower water levels in lakes to produce a "man made" drought on small lakes that no longer go through normal drought cycles (do to drainage ditches, tiling and dams) they have met fierce resistance from the general public and specifically bait dealers that harvest minnows from these waters. You want more info on the DNR catering to the fish? Ok... The wildlife lake designation legislation was put into effect over 35 years ago. Under the law the DNR Commissioner has the authority to include shallow lakes and waters in the designation which allows for raising and lowering water levels to benefit wildlife (not fish) whenever needed without public input. The commissioner can either place them on the list directly or they can also can add lakes to the designation via public discourse that includes meetings, public postings, etc. All the information is available here:DNR link Why I believe that the DNR caters to fish too much is because I've never heard of the DNR exercising their power and designating wildlife lakes without public input. It's clearly within the power of the commissioner to do so... Wouldn't you think that a duck producing lake or an important stop over point for birds during migration is what it what is, regardless of public input? The DNR was created to make difficult decisions for citizens that might get some people upset. That's why we have the DNR, to regulate our resources for the good of all. If everyone self regulated their limits, outdoor activities, seasons, stocking, management, etc.. then there would be no need for government involvement. The problem is, the DNR doesn't want to get involved with this aspect of resource management. They seem to think that water quality and fish management (yes killing) of small "wildlife lakes" isn't very important. They must not think it's worth the flack they may receive from landowners and others by designating these lakes as managed for wildlife not fish. Why else would there have only been 37 lakes placed on the wildlife designation list since its creation? In the land of 10,000 lakes there are only 37 that are important enough to manage for things other than fish? It's a joke... How does this mean the DNR caters to fish interests? Look at the number of aerated lakes in Minnesota. There are over 350 publicly accessible shallow lakes that are being aerated in MN this winter alone... and that doesn't include private ponds that are being aerated or shallow lakes that have had their waters raised for recreational and fishing purposes. Doesn't seem right does it? So yes, you're right, who put us in this position? It wasn't bait dealers. It was farmers and lake shore land owners. But who is limiting our options to fix what we have left? It's a whole bunch of people and somewhere in there, the fishing community (bait dealers too) is involved. Evenflow
  8. I've been a long time critic of Dennis too. I think he is a bit too much "the sky is falling". This years season was bad for many people for a variety of reasons, standing water in fields, slow crop harvest in Canada, unseasonably warm weather, etc... He makes it sound as though Minnesota duck hunting has gone south in the last 5 years, when really our resources have been screwed up for a long time, it's only now that ducks have adjusted their flight routes west to find better food in the wet Dakotas. But what I do agree with him about is that our shallow lakes and water management in MN is very screwed up and has been for a long time. The DNR has been catering too much to minnow dealers, walleye stockers, shallow lake land owners, and farmers that tile seasonal wetlands and drain small permanent wetlands. We're aerating ponds that should winter-kill every year so we have fatheads to fish with, we're raising water levels so we can boat for recreation and we're dumping farm chemicals and fertilizer into our wetlands while ducks go elsewhere to find food. The bottom line is if this rally can increase the quality/quantity of the duck habitat in MN then regardless of Mr Anderson's motives, it will be a good thing. Evenflow
  9. Evenflow

    Best Movies Involving Fishing?

    A River Runs Through It. Almost makes me pack up and move to the mountains every time I watch it.
  10. Done... Thanks for the reminder... Can you imagine how much noise we could make? Thousands of duck hunters dressed in camo blowing on their calls? It's time to make ourselves heard. Evenflow
  11. Evenflow

    Renting a sleeper in West Central MN

    Thanks for looking Chuck. It would only be for 4 people, it wouldn't have to be huge. I'm hoping that will help. I've been searching the web and can only come up with day use houses... nothing with bunks yet. Erik
  12. I'm trying to set up a sleeper rental on one of the larger walleye lakes in West Central MN for 4 people, but I'm having problems finding anyone that rents sleepers southwest of HWY 10. I'm looking for lakes such as Ottertail, Minnewaska, Battle, Big Pine, Reno, Miltona, etc... Anyone know of sleepers to rent on these lakes? If you don't want to post, you can email me at [email protected] Thanks, Erik
  13. Evenflow


    BDR has this one right on. In MN the landowner still owns and pays taxes to the center of the road. Unlike SD where the county owns the right of way between sections. Hunting ditches in MN without the adjacent land owners permission is trespassing, as the "right of way" is only for movement ON the roadway, not hunting in the ditches. Seems like we've been through this several times here before. That being said, late season hunting in the ditches can be fantastic once the fields have been picked and or plowed. Some of the best hunting I've had in MN has been late season in the ditches around the land I have permission to hunt. Definitely worth the walking if the adjacent fields are picked. Evenflow
  14. Evenflow


    I can vouch for Ben Jacobson too. He helped me out this summer training my new Britt. (That I didn't get from him) He lives close to my relatives and as soon as I found out he breeds Britts last July, I had to go talk to him. He's a great guy and really has some great lines. His HSOforum is . He's really a class act I would difinitely recommend him. We got our Britt in June from Gold Wind Kennels in Bloomington. Michael Pinkosky is the breeder's name. He's (somewhat) active in the St Croix Valley Brittany Club, we met him at Game Fair. He's got a stud dog (Dusty) that our pup is from that we fell in love with when we met him. He's got a spectacular temperment for a house dog. We really love our Britt that we got from him (but who doesn't love their pup?) She's eight months yesterday and is hunting better than my last Brit was at the end of her second season (2+ years old). Plus I don't think she'll be quite as highstrung as my last Brit once she's an adult. You check out Gold Wind Kennels at: Good luck. Evenflow Sorry, no unauthorized links....
  15. I was out there last weekend and there still is a bit of water in the fields. It appeared to be drying out pretty quickly as the weekend went on. I think you'll be fine. Before we left I also saw all the reports of birds feeding and roosting in flooded fields. After being there I don't think it's anything to worry about. Last Friday we put on 140 miles and I never once saw a bird in flooded field. I saw thousands of birds feeding in dry fields, but not one in flooded fields and I was looking pretty hard. Evenflow