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  1. It may be different in other states. I know when we hunted them in the spring in brasky the State warden gave us a warning for not having it. I would imagine if you are a MN resident that was HIP certified last fall you'd be ok.
  2. If you or anyone is interested in buying fastgrass type materail for a fraction of the price, I know where to buy it in bulk. Email me and I will help you out. [email protected]
  3. I love variety as well BUT I would pass up some of the best goose hunting to hunt mallards like we did this fall. The first time we hunted this particular corn field this fall there were no less than 10,000 mallards using it. After watching enormous flocks of greenheads land all around you it would be pretty tough to take anything else... We're just fortunate to have the opportunity to be picky up here I guess.
  4. Oh man. Please, let's get together so I can show you a real goose call YOu need a pro super mag then you'll have a finisher and a reacher. Shoot me an email...
  5. "What is that dumb redneck" That's pretty harsh. Obviously it was an accident. The poor guy ran out there and helped the man he shot. Plus, when you grow up on a farm, it's nothing to fire into the geese to scare them out of your field/crops.
  6. "#2 if you are a waterfowl hunter in the state of Minnesota you need to register with the Minnesota Waterfowl Association" What is the MWA doing? Where is the money going?? I just want to know where my money is going!!!!!!
  7. Sweet. Now all we need is another 60 day/6 duck and maybe raise the mallard limit up to 5...
  8. We do hunt crows alot too. It is a riot! Have you guys used the foam crow dekes at all? We rely on the ecaller more in the spring and decoy them more in the grain fields in July/August. They taste better in the fall too.
  9. Funny you mention it, stepped out of the house this morning and ATTEMPTED to shoot a crow. Dang, them buggers are smart.
  10. There were a pile of snows in MN yesterday (5th). Lines miles long east of Watertown SD in MN heading east. Go get em.
  11. What Mike's not telling you is that those are my decoys You guys are going to kill 'em. I'm just happy that it's crow season here and we have a few crows to kill. Bring on the black bandits!!!!
  12. "for it ever to be a problem." Hmmm. Are you positive? Because I'm pretty sure guys in Nodak were saying that 10 years ago...
  13. So you're assuming that I haven't looked at both sides? I gain access to thousands of acres of private land with a handshake and a friendly conversation. Unfortunately for me, I'm sure some day that will be replaced by guys trying to "buy" out my spots. Talk to those in Nodak, Arkansas, etc... Leasing is a problem!
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