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  1. Never feeshed it in the summer. I am primarily a reever man, and spend most of the spreeng and fall jeegging the beeg reevers, like Mississippi, Illinois and sometimes the wisconsin. Summer, I kinda hiberate since its too hot for my thin Polish blood. With that being said, I hear its a great bite in the spreeng and early summer. Lil Arb is supposed to be a heckuva musky lake, more towards numbers than size. Lots of musky though. I would check it out. But that means dealing with my wife. And I make it a point to never deal with my wife. This is a yearly ice feeshing treep. Tightlines.
  2. Hit the lemont quaries by my place. Ice was still good as of Saturday am. About 6 inches. Feesh were cooperative. Not sure about now. Did hit the Kankakee reever for some open water feeshing on Jan 1. High, fast and muddy. The great algea bloom of 2005 is still hanging on. Feeshed St. Germain last week. Was a blast. Report under the wisco section.
  3. Well, about time for our usual ice treep up north. Weather seemed to be great. Overcast and upper 20's to low 30's all week. Stayed at Bib's (or as I say Beebs) resort. Top Notch operation. Very nice place. Gas and lodging cost $150 per person for 3 days. Everyone bought/brought a little food and bait. Very reasonable treep. Cabin was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, deck, bbq, and fireplace. Bob, Jim and myself made the treep. Jeegging and teep up feeshing were the methods. Feesh Lil Arbor Vitae primarily. A couple of key spots, and 10-20 FOW break off a rock pile was our go to spot. We made the hoof to the narrows and feeshed an afternoon there. Lots of feesh. Lots of small perch, with some keepers. Lots of small walleyes, with some keepers. A few pike too. We all got feesh after the treep. Anything with a spike was working on the perch. Hook, spleet shot and bobber in the shanty the way to go for the walleyes. Peemple and meno head worked for me too. A couple of highlights: 1.) Subway in St. Germain was top notch. Best (Contact US Regarding This Word) foot long BMT EVER!2.) Chatterhouse pancakes and hash were very tasty. 3.) Bought this ham jerky from Quick Treep. Nasty. 4.) Rays landing in St. Germain the place for bait. Filled out a few raffle teeckets, got a hat and he gave me a hat for my 5yo. Plus not much counting, if you know what I mean. 5.) Rollie and Helens musky stop was a nice stop. Got my manta. No weagles. Got a nice plastic 9 inch perch bait (no hooks) for the 5yo. He loved it. 6.) Chili,pierogies and coffee were TAS-TEE on the ice. 7.) Gotta work on a sled. That hump to the narrows was weecked.
  4. Yep, welcome catman. Looking forward to the report on Michelsons. Always decent ice feeshing out there. More of a first ice spot,no?
  5. After Blackwell, hit the water werks ice feeshing seminar. Thought it was pretty good. Loved Mr. Bluegill. Had a good idea with squeezin the squeezins out of wax worm for better action. Also, whats this chena stuff and can a FIB get some? You hear of this stuff Horn?
  6. Ice good here too. Bitterly cold. Thank god I found a shanty to sit in, since I didnt breeng mine. Lots o feesh. Biggest geell was around 7. Plenty of sneeffers, few takers. Sight feeshing via shanty produce. Those that took the bait, hit it hard. A few folks saw a musky crusing the shallows. Some teepups out there, but didnt see any action. Ice looks good, or at least every square inch that was covered in snowmobile tracks, told me it was pretty safe. Thought the water was still a bit merky. Home by 1:00. Sorensons still gots the bait.
  7. Ice was good. Plenty of it. Feeshed south pool, near east side. 10-14 FOW. Plenty of feesh. Caught lots of smaller gills. No crappies or eyes this time out. Fairly cold. 4-5 inches. Nice and quiet. Ran into a gent who does a lot of feeshing there and minnesota. Forgot the name.
  8. Yep, thanks. What about those vexes without IR. Yep, I got one. One guy I was feeshing with has the one with IR. So, he's good, I am kinda funka, if we are in the shack. So, maybe the old vex needs an upgrade. Still has lots of karma though.
  9. No problem dude. I am not leaving until the 28 Wednesday.If things change give a hollar.
  10. Think there would a place where I can rent a marcum for test drive? Heading out to eagle reever chain in a couple of weeks. Got my FL8, but one of the guys I feesh with has the FL8 SLT. So there is some contention in the shack. Would love to try before I buy.
  11. Well, how did the marcum work? Also, keep something in the car for bait guy. Gulp maggots always in my truck. Gotta have something to danka lank.
  12. Blackwell has ice. So does the hilton pond on 88. Those should be close for you.
  13. Yep, it will shoot through the ice, the problem I have is identifying the edge. What am I looking for? I mean does the weed edge change colors as I am closer or farther away? Or, I keep on shooting until I see no weeds? Doesnt sound pragmatic. Its beens awhile, but always thought weeds kinda taper off, vs just stop. Lemme guess, the marcom will tell you where the weeds end.
  14. I wasnt using the rod. I was using a custom jeeg and speen funky little noodle rod. It has the thumb thingy to move the teep up and down. Seems like the rod one beeg spring bobber. You been working on that list since last spring.
  15. Nice work guy. Was reading your analysis of marcum and vexilar. You did a fine job. Was considering the marcum, but may have to wait a few months. Tell me why the marcum LCD is ok for cold temps. Always thought LCD was bad, thats why vex is good. Anyways, here's your props for the published article.
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