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  1. Lights

    Hunting Shows-Solved

    Yep I pretty feed up with the hunting shows these days. Not realistic at all.
  2. Lights

    Square Lake

    What the @#$% do trout have to do with water quality? They need cold clean water to survive. Mabe they should ban all fertilizing of the lawns and fields for anyone that lives in the water shed including farmers. Along with no erigation of lawns and farm feilds. Those two things would help the lake than anything. I don't know maybe I am just to nuts to understand.
  3. Lights

    Square Lake

    Thanks guy's, I did make it out Sunday afternoon until dark. Had a few cruise by but no hook ups. I only caught one little northern. Thank you, Mark
  4. Lights

    Square Lake

    Not asking for specifics but which end of the lake and what depths are you guy's fishing? I would like to try the lake on Sunday afternoon. Thank you, Mark
  5. Lights

    Cool pike clip from today.

    If your camera was the fish looking one. I think he wanted to hit it from the rear.
  6. Lights

    anybody fishing????

    Just got back from the lake. Here is just a few of what we got.
  7. Lights

    anybody fishing????

    Well I got out this afternoon on a SE metro lake. Cought some nice sunnies and crappies. Sent some txt messages from the ice to a buddy in Iowa just to rub it in.
  8. Lights

    anybody fishing????

    I will be in 2 hours on a small lake in the suburbs.
  9. Lights

    Hand auger?

    Yep I forgot to mension this is only for early ice. I have a 8"lazer power auger for later in the year.
  10. Lights

    Hand auger?

    I am looking at the 6inch hand augers. Is the lazer that much better than the mora? What would you buy? Thanks, Mark
  11. Lights

    Bulk Bait in TC

    Thanks Guy's!
  12. Lights

    Bulk Bait in TC

    Hey Guy's where is the best deals in the TC to buy bulk waxies and maggets? Thanks Mark
  13. Thanks guy's I think I will spool them up with 6lb P-line. Mark
  14. What line and size do you guy's recommend for Ice fishing walter's? Thank you, Mark
  15. Lights

    Dang Lousy Truck!!!!

    I bet it was a Ford V10 engine.