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  1. i cut a piece of plywood and screwed two 2x2's to the underneath, and adjusted to fit snug in my bucket. i also stainded and clear coated the top. it acts as my chair, table, and cover for my bucket. its easy to carry with me, and looks nice. i have a 6 gallon bucket so its taller and all the poles sit in with the table on top.
  2. Dan_L


    Really 4-5 already good inches doesnt meen a thing. in the metro forum there is a silver lake tread. i was out sunday with 4 inches, this morning a guy went out. said two spud bar hits went through, and with the weight of the snow the water started flowing up and out. right befor thanksgiving it looked like it was going to be a great yaer. now im not to sure.
  3. Dan_L

    aquarium idea

    i have all the equipment, so i was wondering with the price of shiners during the winter, if anyone kept and bread minnows. i was in blue ribbon bait on century and they have a real nice set-up. there's nothing better that watching your fish investment double and than triple. dan
  4. I got one that was funny for others but not me. we were fishing a contest on forest. at the last minute a kid on a 4wheeler runs over my tip up, rushing to enter a fish. All that was left of my tip up was two inches of the base. I lost my favorite rig and all. this kid ends up winning the contest with a $500 prize. drives past me and says sorry about that man. doesn't even offer to pay a couple of bucks for the damage.
  5. my dad made a real nice wooden box that fits snug in the hole cut outs of the hardside. he just drops it in so it sits a couple of feet off the floor. keeps all the auger shavings in the hole and not the house floor.
  6. Dan_L

    walleye tackle

    do you bait the lures at all. or are they best left as is?
  7. Dan_L

    walleye tackle

    as long as i can remember my time has been spent on pan fish and northerns. im really getting the eye itch. what do you guys suggest to get me started in the right direction. on the jig and lure side. i have all the rigs and poles needed?
  8. Dan_L

    Hand held sonar

    How reliable is the fish alarm? im pretty sure thats going to be under the tree 12/25 this year. im more interested in the depth finder, but if the fish alarm is fair thats a bonus for me.
  9. Dan_L

    Ice Well

    I have not used the ice well, but my dad made one on his own. we drill a hole on the back side of the perm house. tie the ice well to a screw on the house then drop it down the hole and cover it back up. from the inside you feed a hook down and bring it up. it keeps bait fresh all winter long. darn good investment for buying bait in bulk to save money.
  10. i myself have a 55 gallon saltwater aquarium. i am really considering switching over to a freshwater. i want to maybe breed minnows. minnows are basicly a part of the carp family. wich makes them easy to reproduce. and the price during winter i see nothing but benefits.
  11. Dan_L

    ND Snow Pics

    that was odd post not showing up. neways i was saying those pics are the best ones i have seen in about 8 months.
  12. There always has to be someone who walks out first. how do the firsties do their checking? i myself is the first crazy fool to walk out, but i bring a 5 10 pound rock and toss it up and out. if it stays up your good to walk out for another toss. howz abot yous?
  13. i cant remember the name but they are the cheap sorel brand at fleet farm. i do a paper route at night and have to run through deep snow often. without socks my feet do sweat but the liner obsorbes it qiute well. and my feet stay very warm. only paid like $30 - $40. ran all winter and icefishing, i should get one more season on these liners. at $30 a new pair is just fine by me.
  14. That is a great idea. keep a post at the top of the forum page, dedicated to identifing lost items. a quick reference to that page is the best way to make it work.
  15. Right befor the start of the season, just wondering if everybody is ready. Also where are you guys putting your houses this year. Im going with Bald Eagle. The usual Forest Lake is really starting to get boring.
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