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  1. two weeks ago it was 48 degrees in the afternoon on Waubay. I bet if you go this weekend it will be in the low 50s. Should be just about right for some good catching. I just talked to a guide buddy of mine and the fishing has still been hit and miss. The screwy weather they had earlier seems to have screwed the fish up pretty good. If it is slow, think about bobber fishing in the trees on the north end of waubay. it works. Go to the Grenville ramp and hang a left out of the ramp. Go to the trees back by the farm.
  2. On Friday we fished Clear Lake in the morning. Got nothing there. Supposedly people have been getting a few fish on shallower lakes (Blue Dog, Minnewaska) in the afternoon.
  3. Was out all day Friday and Saturday. Fished the north end by grenville and all of the south side out of the kango ramp. Caugth 7 eyes on Friday, kept 4. The size was much better this year, all the keepers were from 16 to 19. Saturday we caught one eye in the morning and one in the afternoon. Really slow. Everyone we talked to didn't catch a fish except one group that said they got a few bobber fishing in the trees. On the south end we saw water temps as high as 48.5 degrees. Sunday we went to Enemy swin and saw one boat catch a smallmouth. We went to all the spots and didn't hardly mark anything. The weather a couple of weeks ago and the cold now have really screwed the fish up. I would wait a couple of weeks before going if you could.
  4. Rapid in Ham Lake. The two Mercury handles have the built in hydraulics, big tiller handle. The Yahama model has the Mertens setup. Nice rig. [note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. thanks!]
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks for the input. I had heard that about the 115 Yamy. I saw two of the same rigs you have with that prop at Wave Wackers this year and I thought there must have been a reason behind it. The boat dealer I going to go with has three 620Ts, 2 with 115 Opti's/big tiller handle and 1 with 150 Yamaha. Both Opti's have the 5 blade props. Sounds like it is a must have if you go with that motor. Thanks Again, Al
  6. Anybody running Mercury's new Big Tiller Handle this year? What do you think of it if you are? It seems like the best tiller handle on the market. I haven't driven a boat with one yet. They had a demo at the NW Sports Show. Thanks, Al
  7. Hi Guys, Looking at Purchasing a new Ranger 620T and I'm debating on the motor I need. Looking for some input if a 115HP is to small, kind of concerned about getting out of the hole with that motor. I know, go big or go home but without going big I can spend money on electronics and still come in under what going big would cost me. If anybody has owned this rig with both or either motor, please give me some input. Thanks, Al
  8. I have heard people contend lately that Traverse is the best fishery in SD. I have never been on it but if that is even remotely true, I can't wait to fish it. The only reason it doesn't get the pressure it deserves is because people are afraid of it. I suppose once a mapping company makes a chip for it, the lake will become more popular. To be honest I had never even really heard anything about it until this past weekend.
  9. Hi lake. Do you fish that lake a lot? I have only been on it once and caught a nice northern and a few smallies. I always hear good things about it. Any time of year better than the rest? Thanks.
  10. Finally. Saw them in baitshop in Webster. Bought one for each lake. They have Waubay, Pickerel, Lynn, Cattail, Enemy, Roy, etc. They are awesome. These are the 1 foot contour maps. I don't know when the chip comes out but I can't wait!!!
  11. Pretty slow. Water Temp Saturday morning was 41 degrees. Sunday night, it was 45.2 degrees. Caught 4 fish on Saturday morning. One was 29.5 inches long. Weighed 9lbs. I will post pics when the film is developed. Sorry fans, it wasn't a kiss and release. She is at the taxidermist in Webster. She has spawned out and still weighed 9lbs. I had never seen one even close to that big before in Waubay. She was probably 10.5lbs before she spawned. Saturday afternoon, went to Lynn. Nothing. Not even a bite. Late Sunday I had heard that people went out and threw cranks on the road and killed them. Found it hard to believe. Sunday on Waubay. 2 keepers for 9 hours of fishing. Hardest I had fished in years for 2 fish. Backtrolling in 4 footers to keep the jigs vertical. We caught all our fish in 10 to 20 feet. Couldn't buy a bit any shallower than that. Maybe it will be back to normal next weekend. It is suppose to be warm all week. Talked to many people and many guys went home without a fish in the boat. I think it will really pick up soon though. So in two days, 5 keepers and a fish of a lifetime for Waubay. Great trip. Typically it is 6 fish an hour out there but that big one was worth every penny of gas.
  12. That is tough about the weather. I was in Deadwood, SD for some drinking and goodtimes. Had a blast. The steak at the Gem Saloon is excellent. It snowed like a son of a gun on Saturday out west too. I'm heading out to Webster Friday through Monday coming up. I see it is suppose to get cold over the weekend again. We'll see what happens. Al Gore is so wrong this year.....
  13. Good Luck Pegleg. Please post a report. I'm more interested in the depth you saw fish at. It sounds gross, but if you stay out long enough, you can hit the Bullhead Fry in Eden. They have it every Friday night. I have "heard" it is pretty good. I'm not from Iowa so I wouldn't eat it my self.
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