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  1. Dont know much about the Zeiss scopes but Gander in Rochester has the Conquest scopes on clearance so you might be able to get a decent deal on them. Im sure the other Ganders are the same.
  2. Just an FYI that Cabelas in Rogers had a LX9 for $999 with a "C" stamped on it so you will get some kinda markdown. Cant remember the color of the "C" though. This was 2 weeks ago so it may be gone.
  3. I'm new and came up to Miltona last year to fish musky for a week. I had 2-3 follows and my wife caught her first but I never connected. Now we're back this year. So far 2 follows and managed to bring 1 back with figure 8 after he left. My bro had a follow too. But still haven't connected. Its only been 2 days of fishing this year and a week last year of pretty hard core fishing. I think I have my thousand casts in? I read on here some guys getting multiples in a day or weekend is that normal. I'm kinda wondering if I doing something wrong?
  4. I think it'll probably be alright. at least I hope so. Im taking my wife out to hunt it.
  5. piker007

    RIP Buddy!

    Sorry man. Had to do the same thing saturday and it sucks!!!!
  6. Sorry to hear about lucky c0untryf1sh3r. I was just glad to get on here and see there are alot of other guys that were close to their dogs and realize its hard when you lose them. Seems some people dont think its a big deal.
  7. Well I came to this thread to see if I was not alone. I had to put my best bud down yesterday and it stings pretty bad right now. There werent many days he wasnt by my side either cutting wood, checking trailcams, hunting, fishing, or just laying next to my chair. It definatly leaves a big hole. So here I am and unfortanatly it looks like Im not the only one who misses there bud so I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to THE ONES WE LOST. So if you lost your best bud post a pic and tell about him. Toby, best hunting, cutting, fishing, running partner a guy could want! Also a pretty good stuffed animal killer! And Rusty. Lost him 8 months ago. He was also an exceptional hunting, cam checking, running buddy a guy could ever need!
  8. Sorry man. I had to put my buddy to sleep yesterday after a unexpected health issue and it really makes you think how much they really mean to you.
  9. Here are some pics from last weekend and yesterday. This one is 36" This one wasnt measured but is about the same size These were all smaller and probably low to mid 30's And for my unfavorite photo of all. Some [PoorWordUsage] left this guy to rot.
  10. Well when both products cost pretty much the same why not get the added marketing features?
  11. glad to hear your getting your hands slimy!! Keep up the good work!!!
  12. I know the one in Lake city has been canceled a few times because of ice conditions. I think those guys do some homework as Ive never heard of people going through at a ice fishing contest. BUT on the ice its always best to trust your gut so if you/she didnt feel safe you made the right call.
  13. My flasher part flickers off for a split second. Its not like the flasher goes blank very long but it does catch your attention. And it does it every once and awhile. I assumed that it was just re orientating everything since there was a ton of activity below me.
  14. Also does yours flicker everyonce and awhile?
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