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  1. Has anyone used a CD conversion service to get your CD collection as a digital format? Having issues Ripping a number of my CDs on both Windows Media Player and i-Tunes on a Mac. Quite a few businesses out there and rates seem reasonable from $.25 to $2.00 per CD. Seems like a decent deal to have all my CDs moved to MP3 for $200-400, and not have to sit in front of the computer for hours. Are there any local companies in the Twin Cities? Thanks!
  2. Check out the Strib today. David Gilmour was spotted with Roger Waters in Mpls last night. Evidently Gilmour was quoted as saying he'd show up for one surprise guest appearance. Due to a joke in Rolling Stone about it being in Omaha (where Roger is tonight), maybe, just maybe a Pink Floyd reunion tomorrow night at Xcel? At any rate, pumped for the show. Posted by Chris Riemenschneider Last update: October 26, 2010 - 2:49 PM As is well known among Pink Floyd fans, David Gilmour has committed to showing up as a surprise guest at one (and only one) of the shows on Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour. This month's Rolling Stone cover story on Waters referenced that promise, and then the writer added a snarky line about London being the most likely spot "as opposed to, say, Omaha." Any smart Floyd fan could've guessed right there and then that the once-feuding bandmates were probably going to meet up in Nebraska, and now that hunch seems to be true. Waters and Gilmour were spotted dining together at Bar La Grassa in Minneapolis on Monday night. A restaurant staffer confirmed that Waters was there with an entourage but didn't know for sure if Gilmour was among them. Local scenester, writer and music nut Chuck Terhark, however, happened to be dining there for his birthday on Monday and says he is absolutely certain Gilmour was with them. "Waters was wearing a marching hammers hoodie, which was hilarious," Terhark said (marching hammers being part of "The Wall's" animation). Here's the confusing part, though: Monday was an off night for the tour. Waters is set to perform in Omaha tonight, and then he has his Xcel Energy Center gig in St. Paul on Wednesday night. It's very feasible that he is spending all three nights (Monday through Wednesday) in the Twin Cities as a base and only flying straight in and out of Omaha. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Omaha's hospitality, but I doubt anybody in Omaha will be complaining if Gilmour does indeed appear at the show tonight. If he's not there tonight: My money is then on St. Paul. Maybe this terrible weather we're having will convince Gilmour to stay put in the Twin Cities and not travel to Omaha. Bring on the snow and freeze!
  3. So unless I missed it, was anybody else bothered that Discovery didn't acknowledge that Phil died. They seemed to foreshadow it with some stills and solo shots, but I don't recall them actually stating he died during filming. No memorial, or dates or anything. If that's the case, I think it's pretty tacky to go through the whole season bascially building up to when he dies. I would think out of respect they should have started last night's show with a segment or two dedicated to Phil and acknowledge he died. Then I'd be more fine showing what they did last night and what is planned for the rest of the season, including any footage with Phil.
  4. October 27 at Xcel. The Roger Waters HSOforum is down. I can't down ticket price info yet.
  5. Well today was the first morning of ESPN radio on am1500 and I couldn't find the dial fast enough. Big mistake not having a local angle. I don't care who Houston is drafting in the 4th round. I actually liked the combo platter they had going in the mornings the last few weeks. I flipped over to KFAN this morning and got a kick out of their new promo..."Live and Local"
  6. Any ice condition reports for either lake? I'll be up with a group the weekend of 1/9. Hoping to be driving by then. Any chance? How's the bite been for sunnies and crappies. Last year we crushed while scouting on 1/3 and caught less than half as many on 1/10. Any ice near the Granstburg, Siren, Webster area approaching drivable condition? Thanks!
  7. Hunted Pool 2 yesterday afternoon south of St. Paul Park. From 1:30 until sunset we saw 8 ducks buzzing the main channel. Count that.... 8 ducks total. Also saw 2 flocks of geese flying out to fields before shooting closed. Anyone else have any recent Pool 2/Spring Lake reports?
  8. Duckbuster- I'm curious...Why would the U refer clients to another vet located 200 miles away if they can do the surgery themselves as a veteranary hospital? Aren't you discrediting your own practice/clinic by refering another, 4 hours away? Wouldn't the U want the business for financial gain as a business with a bottom line?
  9. My lab just had the surgery on 8/13. She should get the green light on Nov 1, but I'm still going to sit her out this hunting season. Maybe a late pheasant hunt. Mine cost probably $3000 when all said and done. You have before/after x-rays, vet visits, the surgery, drugs, an emergency vet visit for a swelled leg over a weekend... She just had her after surgery xray last week and all is healing well. As much as she is ready to run, I'm more ready to stop doing all potty breaks while on the leash. She hasn't been off the leash outside since 8/12.
  10. I'm a big fan of #8 circles. My hook up ratio has been outstanding this season. My theory on missed fish is they are probably smaller fish that don't have the entire bait in their mouth. Therefore a circle or J style wouldn't matter. This excuse seems to ease the pain of a missed hookup for me anyways. Any flat over 30" has a huge mouth and should have no problem handling a 5-12" bait. Also, sometimes whether a cirlce or J, the hook just doesn't find meat. Also once I feel the cat is hooked, I'll drive the hook home a couple more time to be sure it gets through their tough mouth.
  11. Brad- Is there a HSOforum or place to get information on the tournament in October?
  12. The Shady Grove in Ellsworth, WI. Good food made with local ingredients or from their own garden. Small town restaurant with small town hospitality with big city quality. Plus a nice scenic drive from Prescott.
  13. Had a great night on Pool 2 last night. Picked up two flats right around 20lbs (35" and 33") then popped the largest of the season, a 45x27. This is my biggest measured flat since I never measured before KOTC. I have 2-3 prior to KOTC measuring in this class. This also will move me over the elusive 200 mark to 201. (Dtro- PLEASE don't cut me off the top 15 leaderboard as we are tied ) I've worked too hard to get there! The 35" came on the one bullhead I was able to catch. The other two came on medium suckers. All action between 9:30-11:30. All fish from the same spot. Also lost a good fish half way in. I think a real nice channel from all the thick, white slime on the line. I hate it getting dark earlier means summer is coming to an end, but it sure is nice for catfishing when dusk is now 8:30 instead of 10pm.
  14. Hemi- We seem to be having the same issues again. We discussed TPO a couple years ago. Now my dog Lexi is having TPLO surgery on her right knee on Thursday. They think she has a partial tear in both knees, however she shows no issues with her left. We were advised 2-3 months rest for her partially torn ACL. However in my opinion if it's already partially torn, I don't think 2-3 months will help an active hunting dog in the long run. Our vet and a surgeon kind of confirmed that as well even though they recommended the rest first. To me 3 months of limited activity seems like a band aid that may or may not work. We decided to go right for the surgery instead of potentially wasting 2-3 months on no activity. Lexi is alreay bored out of her mind and we are pretty sure depressed since we can't run her now. She doesn't even ask to play ball any more and just lays around with her head down. Really not looking forward to full time kenneling as well as on-leash potty breaks. In the end, it will be best for both Lexi and my wife and I. Then we have to hope the surgery heals well and the knee holds up. All with knowing in the back of our mind her other knee will probably need it eventually. Never dreamt when getting our first dog ever that we'd be spending upwards of $10k on surgery and she's only 4. TPO on both hips and now starting on knee #1 with TPLO.
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