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  1. one more thing with picking one or the other. The DNR knows they can get more money by letting hunters hunt both seasons. That's the only reason they are letting hunters hunt both or all seasons.
  2. I can agree with you guys. I think they should be able to pick your one season and stick with it. If your a bow hunter go bow hunting if your a shot gun hunter go shotgun hunting. If your a die hard muzzle loader like me just go muzzle loading. In Minnesota if you cant really get a shot over 50 yards. so why do you need a scope. I also think they should have a open cap law in Minnesota. which means you need to have an open cap for muzzle loading. Muzzle loading is so advanced its not even really a challenge. I want a challenge in hunting not point and shoot. There is my 2 cents
  3. Thanks for the info. I bought their clutch book and I love it. They explain the theory of clutches very well. I will end up buying their carb book also
  4. Today I just put a deposit down on a 97 xc 600 sks. it has 1600 miles and after tax title and licence is was $1441.80 i got one hell on a deal on this sled and the track is like brand new with like 2" paddles. now all we need is snow
  5. The past 2 winters I was going to school (college) and so I was scraping money together just to get to school not even to ride. but now since I am done with school and i have money and time and most of all a warm shop to work on the my sled. we have no snow. I put in new boogie wheels bearings, hytfax, and rear shocks. and all I wanna do is ride ride ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :.(
  6. Is anyone else staring to get worried we won't have enough snow to ride this year. Winter is like half over and I keep on checking the 10 day forecast and there is nothing as far as snow or even cold temps.
  7. Hey guys I have a 98' Polaris Super Sport 488cc. I want to know what primary clutch I in my sled I wanna start playing around with clutching and I most of all want to rebuilt my clutch i.e. weights and bushings. Thanks guys.
  8. I think deep creep from sea foam does the same thing. every spring I fog my engine and carbs with deep creep and it does help with the carbon. I also got a 59' johnson 10HP and the compression was low and I soaked the engine with deep creep and it help with the compression
  9. i am not 100% sure. but I think if you don't leave it on ice over night you don't have to have numbers on it. if you are always in it fishing i believe you don't have to have numbers on it. I would check the fishing regs to make sure.
  10. What are you talking about there is no big push of ducks near freeze up. After the 1st week or two of duck hunting all the ducks in Minnesota are gone. Just kidding guys but the weird thing is That's what some people think. I would love to see that many birds. What I would like to know is if those birds were staying here in MN or if they were just passing by.
  11. its awesome to see someone who spears letting the big pike go like that. Awesome video!!!
  12. Black cloud has came out with a high velocity shot shell. The speed is 1635fps (no i am not thinking of snow goose loads).I have tried the snow goose loads 2 different times. all I have to say is wow that stuff kills ducks. I cant believe how good of a shell black cloud snow goose is. but I don't know what federal is doing but I found black cloud high velocity shells only once this past year. I went back to the store the next day to get more shells and they where gone i never saw them again.
  13. everyone complains about not shooting wood ducks or teal because they leave too early. screw teal and wood ducks I wanna shoot big plump blue bill and mallards and other late season ducks. I love hunting the late season it by far the best time to hunt birds!!!good job on the geese! and take them kids hunting.
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