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  1. I was wondering what kind of jigs you guys would prefer for eyes. Thanks. [Note from Editor: you can se plenty of the jigs recommended by CLICKING HERE and going to TackleCity.com]
  2. ethel lake in ottertail has some ice i don't know how much but there is a portable out now. about a week ago there was about 2".
  3. what happened to the below zero weather i mean come on they are talking about this global warming. cant live w/out ice fishing. if it gets too warm gotta go to the freaking north pole.
  4. I was wondering about a good hitch idea for my portable. I just got it and i was planning on pulling it out to the lake with my snowmobile, i really don't want to pull it with a rope because when i stop it would run into the snowmobile and maybe damage it. THANKS!!!!
  5. i was wondering wich won is the best
  6. where the fish are is the perfect depth (i was just kidding about 12' its a thing that you wouldn't understand Bob_D)
  7. I like to use an ultra light lightning rod. It has great performance an is very sensitive
  8. I just got the fish house for my birthday and i never used it yet so i was trying to figure out how it performs on the ice
  9. what are some good ideas for tip up set ups
  10. i think 10 inch is the perfect size but 8 inch is fine too because its not like you are going to get a fish that won't fit through that
  11. whats the best line for tip ups
  12. so you thin that buzz stix are good rods
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