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  1. Hope you picked up Boldin, as he's probably not available for nothing anymore.
  2. What does the rest of your team look like? Do you have a rb that's riding your bench that you know you won't be using? Do you have more than one kicker or dst? Boldin has the potential to be a beast in a pass heavy offense, especially in a PPR league, along with a nice playoff schedule, he surely shouldn't be dropped. I wouldn't get rid of any of your recievers for him, maybe somebody else though. I'd find a way to get him on my team.. even if you don't use him you'll prevent somebody else from getting him. It would suck to pass on him and have to go against him in the playoffs. Just my .02
  3. I put on a Wisker Biscut about 10 days ago and love it so far, it's a big upgrade to what I had. After I re-sighted in I believe my grouping is alittle tighter also. I botched an opportunity at a dandy buck 2 weeks ago because my arrow fell off the rest on the draw, didn't take long to upgrade then, wish I would have made the change at the start of the season.
  4. On the way out of stand yesterday morning my dad found a 6 pointer with a broken neck and one side of his rack broken off, there was a huge circle flattened around him in the tall grass. Looks to have lost the fight. The deer was still alive, so needless to say my dad filled his buck tag. This was out by Menominie. On the road coming to his land at 6 am yesterday morning (before he found the deer) I seen an absolute bruiser crossing the road coming out of his land 20 - 30 yards ahead of me, if that 6er was messing with him I can surely see why it ended how it did! Seeing a buck like that before taking stand made it easy to sit in stand till noon.
  5. 4 years ago on the first morning of the hunt on my first trip to Ripley I was setting up my portable and as I was bringing my bow up with the rope I heard a crashing coming towards me so i brought it up as quick as I could and tried getting an arrow knocked. I could see the deer coming at me now at about 20 yards and closing in FAST, well before I could get my release attached I had one of the biggest bucks i've ever seen in stand or not looking at me from directly below. He got out of there as quick as he came once he made me. As near as I could figure he thought I was another buck roughing up his territory when I was russling around setting up my stand. I seen a few dandy's in stand that day but none other were in range. Be ready and good luck!!
  6. What color lenses did you guys that have gotten the glasses recieve?
  7. It's been 6 weeks for me, haven't seen the glasses yet, although they did cash my check a couple weeks ago so hopefully they'll be on the way soon. Thankfully the Toro is still working as expected
  8. I have the 5:4:1 model and have about 10 trips under my belt with it. I have nothing but good things to say about it and am incredibly happy with the purchase. I do burn buck's with absolute ease but not DCG's though so no input on that.
  9. I sold mine last year. I had it posted from 3/08 till it sold the weekend after Thanksgiving. I didn't have anybody call or email on it until first ice started form, once that happened it was nutz and sold very quickly. It surely wouldn't hurt to post it now, but i'm thinking your a couple months away from seeing serious buyers. I posted it here, on c r a i g s l i s t and on bulletin boards at resorts up north, most were responding to the c-list ad and that's where the buyer came from. That site works! Good luck and hope that helps.
  10. Thanks guys! Put about 12 hours on the Toro so far this weekend, absolutely love it. Big time upgrade from what I had. Heading out again in an hour.
  11. So I just picked up this reel and was looking it over and going through the manual. One of the pictures in the manual is the magnetic spool braking system, located on the side of the reel that the clicker is. I can't seem to get the cover off of the braking system, is it supposed to just pop off? Just curious on how that comes off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i'm hesitant to take a screwdriver to it quite yet.
  12. I tried this on Saturday and it was great!
  13. My buddy had a mid 40's come in hot on his dawg late last year, after a couple big circles it sank out of site. I made a short cast with an orange and black suick and it darted from under the boat and absolutely T-boned it 15ft out. Very cool to see, although I didn't get a good hook in it. I've got a suick on my throwback now..
  14. Thanks, i'll give it a shot!
  15. So I overseeded my lawn heavily in early May and it's coming up quite nicely and i'm thinking the new grass is fairly established by now. Along with the grass growing nicely I have a ton of weeds to get rid of now which brings me to my question.. can I spray the new lawn with Weed B Gone now and not harm it? Or should I be waiting longer?
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