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  1. Hey Corey, I see you fish you fish the same way I do.....Doublers!
  2. 13 lb 12 oz, 33 1/2" hump-back whale ..........I mean walleye.
  3. Tucci, are you from Rhinelander WI.? The name Tucci sounds familiar, I hung out with people that in-turn hung out with him. Basically, this "Tucci" and I had mutual friends. I moved up there in 1979 during my sophmore year in high school(go Hodags! ). I hung out with the Mutters(Pat, Glenn, and Remus), the Wilmonts(Mark mainly), and my best friend was Gary Cooper. Any of these names sound familiar?
  4. Great! Now my buddy with the nervous twitch will probably outfish me all the time! I'll have to fish without a shirt so that I freeze and get the shakes. That's the only way I'll be able to compete with his eratic and continuous "jigging"! Hows about making a holder for the Fish-N-Chum when you're not using it? I know a guy that owns an old warehouse which has a bunch of used and broken mannequins. The legs would be great for dead sticking!
  5. Didn't the NFL recently do some schedule changing for the remaining Packer games? I thought I heard something about the large demand to view the remaining games,and how lucritave profits would be if the Packer games had better time slots. Is there truth to this? Wow, can you imagine that.......Only for the Pack! PS: Do they "black out" Viking games in Mn? Someone told me they did, I find that hard to believe that any state would do something like that.
  6. The best of 2004 huh? Hmmm, 2004 only.....Let's see what I can come up with. Walleye.......Just a shade under 14 pounds. On a jig pole Smallmouth bass.......A couple hundred in the 4-5 pound range. Northern Pike......44 inches. I don't know, maybe 24 or 25 pounds?? (4# test) Rainbow......10 pounds??? Deer.....10 pointer, 2 does etc, etc, etc...........
  7. A box with a red X.... Darn! [please reduce the size on these images]
  8. Some very nice bucks here. I know mine wont win, but here's a pic anyways. Maybe someday I'll get lucky enough to bag a big one.
  9. It took nearly the whole day to get this one! Shot at 4pm openers, I didn't think I was gonna get one for a while there! Oh well, a little drama in life is always welcome.
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