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  1. spasticcp

    Huge Crappie

    Actually it's all about perspective, this guy is really only 2 1/2 feet tall, so really, the crappie isn't all that big. All kidding aside, very nice slab!
  2. It's not just the wake effect I'm referring to, it's the simple fact that you cannot stop in time out on the ice. It also makes it a lot easier to simply lose control of your vehicle. These people speeding on lakes don't just do this during the day, but at night as well. Very easy to smash into another vehicle, an icehouse, or someone walking on the ice. To me, that's a lack of common sense, and also a lack of respect for the people around them. So when I grouped these people into the stupid category, that's exactly what I was referring to.
  3. I think that people are losing their grasp on common sense more and more each year, and with each new generation. That's the only explanation that I can come up with. Individuals are smart, people are stupid.
  4. Yeah, people that participate in this sort of theft, or vandalism are just pathetic. They'll never amount to anything or own anything themselves, so they have to steal what others have actually worked to obtain. I'd love to catch people in the act just once and shake them like a British nanny.
  5. NM, I saw the specs on it. I need a type where the base can fold up. Don't have a truck so I need to be able to shove it in the back seat, not enough room for this one. Sorry.
  6. I work down in Eagan and would be able to pick it up as early as tomorrow afternoon. Unless we can work out something for today, but I'd need a reply within the next 1/2 hour because I leave from work soon. Tomorrow would probably work best though, could meet somewhere between Eagan and Faribault?
  7. Agreed. My experience this fall in open water taught me just that. I caught more fish on just a simple fathead on a hook than anything else.
  8. Is the eskimo easy enough for one person to set up? I've seen some portables where you almost NEED 2 people to actually get it set up. Just wanted to see if that was the case here. Thanks again.
  9. Hey there fellow fisherman. I'm in the market for picking up a portable and was wondering if any of you might have some good advice on a nice, yet inexpensive portable shelter. I'm basically looking for a good solid two-man rig, tall enough for someone short to stand in (so about 6' tall), quick easy setup for one person, and under $250 if possible. Something like a Speed Shack. It also has to be something that I won't have to wait for as I want to pick it up this weekend. I have the 3rd off, and I plan to spend some quality ice time. Hopefully the rest of the free world didn't take that day off too so I might have part of a lake to myself. (yeah right) You guys have been spot on with advice in the past, and any more would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for all the input everyone. I was just about to post a similar topic about baiting verticle jigs. Yesterday was my first day out on the ice since I was a kid. Wasn't having any luck with larger baits and jigs so the big fish weren't interested, and only one flag on a shiner we had set out. Switched to a really small jighead and some colored larvae and the crappies and sunnies started hitting. Even a gutsy little fingerling eye came up for a little fun. Was gonna try and hit up Linwood tonight, but had a last min cancellation so I'd have to solo it. Doubt that'll happen.
  11. So what was the weight on that slab?
  12. Your best bet is to try the usual Muskie routine. Eagle lake is pretty small (Barely over 200 acres) with one main deep area over 30'. With the upcoming ice, you might get lucky and find a large one suspending over a couple holes, or hunting in shallower water just off the weed line. I'd rather wait for spring and soft water before I hit that lake. Looks like you may have found a Garden of Eden. Eagle Lake has been stocked with Walleye and Muskie since '82. The muskie were introduced for broodstock for the Leech Lake strain. But with the small size of the lake, you're not likely to find any over 40"...you never know though. If nothing else, it looks like that lake has a healthy crappie and walleye population. Might be a good ice'er after all. I've got a buddy of mine who lives just down the road from there...might just have to pay him a visit.
  13. Ok, keep me posted when you can. Thanks SCP
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