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  1. kentuck_ike

    New Dog Advice

    I can answer your brittany questions. give me a call 507-438-3313
  2. kentuck_ike

    Stubborn new pup..........help! LOL

    What is the fat to protein ratio in the food you are using?
  3. kentuck_ike


    High Fly n kennels in Elko, MN or Haycreek kennels in Gilman, WI. Haycreek is at Game Fair. Greg from High Fly n owns a place in Mott and trains all summer on wild pheasants so he will not be at Game Fair. I breed britts and these are the two best trainers I have found for the breed. They both use the Huntsmith training methods are in contact with Rick Smith on a regular basis.
  4. kentuck_ike

    Pointers vs. Flushers for Upland Family - Grouse

    I would be happy to discuss Llewellins with you. Shoot me an email [email protected]
  5. kentuck_ike

    Pointers vs. Flushers for Upland Family - Grouse

    I raise both Brittanys & Llewellin Setters. either one could fit the bill. Brittanys can be black & white, however it is very frowned upon.
  6. kentuck_ike

    Pheasant Fest

    We will have a booth there as well
  7. kentuck_ike

    Brittney Spaniels

    We have a litter due Nov. 30. If you would like more info you can contact me [email protected] or check out our site www.bensbrittanys.com
  8. kentuck_ike

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    They need to define breeding female. In the states version a few years ago 20 wks was considered a breeding female. We won't breed a female until they are 2 yrs and passed all the clearances and proven themselves in the field. When we are adding a breeding female it is not uncommon for us to have 2 or 3 we keep for 2 yrs intending that only the best one will be added to the breeding program and the other will be sold. We also have 4 or 5 females at all times and we only have 3 litters a year. I only like to breed them 2 out of 3 yrs. So we have 3 litters out 4 dogs a year. I know of more than 1 puppy mill breeding on every heat cycle. This means 2 litters a year per female or six litters a year. So I feel this bill will hurt the responsible breeder and create less competition for the pup mills.
  9. kentuck_ike

    Dog Food recommendations

    I agree.
  10. kentuck_ike

    What do you bed your kennel with??

    Airlite bedding works great if you can find it. It is recycled card board cut in small squares.
  11. kentuck_ike

    Age ten!!

    I think it states in the regs, that when a child is ready to hunt is up to the parents. I also think that it is legal for them to be with a parent & shoot a deer on stand. The way I understood it was that they aren't suppose to get their own tag until 10.
  12. kentuck_ike

    Deer Camp Grub

    Escabana in the Moonlight, love it
  13. kentuck_ike

    Too late to start training?

    Lake country retriever club, is close to you. I think the Run at the Horse & Hunt club. Trainer: Greg Fryar, High Fly'n Kennels in Elko.
  14. kentuck_ike

    Pheasant Game Farms in MN

    I just opened one this spring, I can help with some of it. I am not sure that 40 acres is enough for the state requirements for a commercial license, it might be a enough for a hobby license. my e-mail is [email protected] cell number is 507-438-3313