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  1. CAJ, North Sterling Reservoir has some great walleye fishing. I have always done good there. Check out the Colorado Division of Wildlife HSOforum for directions. Alot of the eastern reservoirs have been really low for some time and have become un-fishable. Too early for me to think about open water, with all the great ice fishing right now. Good Luck!
  2. Glad to hear ya caught some WEBOS. Too bad ya had to back out on my trip. The three of us killed em at John and Stagecoach!! Caught many over 17" and kept 5 over 19". Stayed in Oak Creek Saturday night and put a hurtin' on the liver! Small mountain towns rock!!!!! Headin' out again next weekend. If ya want to join us call me.
  3. Must of moved some over. Hope they do not become a problem. Pike will go after those soft skinned trout over the tough perch.
  4. Fished 11 mile on Saturday as well. Only caught 4 all day and no size to any of them. Buddy caught a 4 INCH PERCH!? Has anybody else caught perch there before??
  5. TIPUP, Heading to The Fork this weekend. Planning on staying o/n Saturday. If you go, I will be driving a white f-150 with a pop up camper. I will be fishing out of a Trap Guide. Maybe I'll see ya there. Happy New Year All!!
  6. Webos, Man, you are lucky I didn't give you my techinques, you might catch more than me next time. NOT!! Have a Happy Holidays, and lets get out when I get back from Texas. I'm thinking The Fork over the New Years weekend. I'll bring some redfish back and we'll chow down on the ice. Talk to ya in a week.
  7. Hey Grappler, I was up there Saturday as well. Where did you fish? We fished around the north boat ramp, and did real good. Luckily, we didn't have to deal with others like you. We started out in 10-12' in the a.m. and once the bite slowed, moved to 17'. Caught fish pretty regular all day, but moved to 14' right before sunset and got busy. Took a newbie on this trip, and she is hooked. She's already asking when the next trip will be. Gotta Love Ice Fishing!!!
  8. I will be out of town, but if you get a chance, go to the seminar. Dave Bryant knows how to catch lakers. I've fished with him alot over the past couple years, and he knows his stuff. I took the picture of him that ran in the Rocky Mtn News a few weeks ago. He caught it at Twin Lakes last May. Hope to hook up with him in January for our annual trip to Taylor. Pick his brain- he knows lakers.
  9. Hey Dan, you've been on this site for a few years now, and I'm pretty sure you have your opinions on the dead fish picture thing also. Don't take the negative posts personally! I know you're only doing your job. Alot of folks are tired of being censored and are frustrated. Keep up the good work on the Colorado site Bud!!!!!
  10. Hey Grappler, I already have a full truck, but will be up there on Saturday. There will be 3 of us, 2 in a fish trap guide and one in a one man eskimo. I drive a white f-150 with a pop up camper. If you go, stop by! Hope you find a partner.
  11. Hey Behmer, It is approx. 150 miles to Walden from Thornton. I have gone both I-70 west to 40 and over Berthoud and I-25 to 287 through Laramie. Either way it is about 3.5 hours. The I-70 drive is good, but if you hit the ski traffic coming back, it can really be slow. If you want to go sometime, let me know. I am alwys free on the weekends.
  12. Good report Chad. Heading to John on Saturday with a couple of co-workers. One female who has never ice fished before. can't wait to watch her fight one of those "fat bows" on a 24" rod with 4lb line! That will be worth the long drive. The weather report so far looks promising.
  13. Good choice Lucky. I love mine! Room for 2 when needed, but really nice to fish out of alone. Plenty of room for 2 holes, LX3 and heater. Enjoy
  14. Best investment for ice fishing you could make. You won't want to ever fish without it once you've used it.
  15. Good report Slayer. Heading to 11 mile on Friday night to fish it all weekend. Love early ice there. Hope to have a good report.
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