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  1. They did there, hadnt played in years had a blast, and they were HOT! Walked out with much more than I entered!
  2. I was just at that Casino last night playing some craps Are there Crappie in DL?
  3. Dont get me wrong, I wanted to get the OVS but they made no attempt to "make good" on the people, including my bro, who paid in full for it before last season. He finally got his money back after 3 emails and 3 phone calls. I do want one I hate the cord spinning issue with the Aqua Vu. You guys think they will ever make one with a side flasher version, to get far distance signals?
  4. How much? I just take some 1" pvc and screw it around the 5 gallon bucket, works great!
  5. Last year I made a trip to Upper Red Lake for Crappies. 2 of us in one fishouse. I am on the left, and my buddy is 2 feet to my right. Me, and the Buzz Stick with a Maggot, 18 Crappies. Buddy, regular pole same bait/lure, 2. It stopped working before the next time out though. The actual reel and rod combo fought nice I thought...
  6. You can get a "Scout" Aqua Vu for $199 now, why in gods name would you pay $599 for one!
  7. Nothing on Devils Lake, Nd yet. Alot of small local lakes are froze though. Another week!
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