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  1. I am looking for a good place to start in MN or other states for spring turkey hunting. Not looking for anyones honey hole but would like a good place to start. I have never turkey hunted. Just looking for something to hunt in the spring. Thanks for any suggestions. Hoytmystic
  2. Brittman, Our group did good this weekend. Thank you for emailing me earlier but I never got back to you. We seen approximately 75 birds the first day and 25 the second day. Between three of us we got our 6 birds. Hopefully I will have pics to follow. Please email me again. [email protected] Hoytmystic
  3. Four out of four going strong. Alot of water in the woods. Natural food is starting to look thinner by my bait sites. Hoytmystic
  4. 125 to 150 lbs. When he looks away I swear it was mickey mouse in the bait pile. Hoytmystic
  5. Britt, Could I get your email. I have some specific questions for you. Thanks Kyle
  6. Redhook, Could I get your email address. I have some specific question to ask you. Thanks Hoytmystic
  7. I just got my letter from the DNR saying that I got a prairie chicken permit.I will be hunting 804A area. I am looking for information about the hunt and everyone experience hunting these birds. Thanks Hoytmystic
  8. I got drawn for the prairie chicken hunt. I looked through previous post and saw that both of you had been drawn in the past. Looking for some information. Please email me at [email protected]
  9. I am planning on applying for an elk tag in colorado. But in colorado you need to use loose powder and a round ball or conical bullet. Sabots are not allowed. What are peoples experience with this setup. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Hoytmystic
  10. Scoot, Could I get your email? I have a few questions about western big game hunting. Thanks Hoytmystic
  11. Fishin, My email is [email protected] I would be interested in pics. thanks for the input everyone. Hoytmystic
  12. I have a 1989 16' lund predator. The front of the boat has a nice platform for casting, but most of the time I fish with a friend. One of us ends up standing on the gas tank compartments. I would like to make a larger casting platform for the rear portion of the boat. Has any body ever done this to one of their boats? Any ideas? I don't have the money to invest in a different boat. Hoytmystic
  13. I have been looking at getting a rod and reel setup for beginners that go with me or just a decent back up rod. Has anyone had any experience with the Shimano Compre or the Convergence. They seem to be decent rods. Looking at getting a 7' or 7'6" in a heavy. I like St. Croix's premier series but I am looking to save a little money. Tell me your experience. Hoytmystic
  14. I just saw the good deals on the artic armor bibs and jacket. I was wondering what I would need for sizes. I usually wear a 2xl jacket and XL bibs. Size 38 waist with a 30inch inseam. I am 6 feet tall approx. 275 lbs. I would really like to take advantages of this offer. Just looking for input from others on this product. Thanks Hoytmystic
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