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  1. CDE

    Letting your kid take your boat?

    I agree with IcePro. If you trained her well, No Problems. Went through the same thing 14 years ago. No regrets
  2. CDE

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite question?

    Never got a chance to set it down. It iced up while cutting the holes.
  3. CDE

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite question?

    I have had my Strike Lite for 2 years now. Love the engine. Last year had lots of problems with ice build up and would stop cutting. Emailed Strikemaster on it this fall. Their suggestion, Spray the blades with Pam. I think I will stick to my old auger blade and the 4 stroke head.
  4. CDE

    HotSpotOutdoors (HSO) Artic Armor suits

    Thanks Dan, Talked to you Wednesday afternoon, Suit showed up today (Thursday). Fits perfect. Will use it this weekend. Clayton
  5. CDE

    Do They Make???????

    Make sure you have the shocks set to the heavyest setting. Both my Sportsman 400 and new X2 would bottom out bad when I hooked up the fishhouse or boat. From factory they were set to the softest setting. Changed them and now, no problem. I also bought a 6" drop down hitch which I turned upside down to raise the tounge up. Much better now.