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  1. Did you try pushing in your gain button(interference button) sometimes that will clear it up.
  2. I had a spare small u bolt that i used between the handlebars steering stem/risers. Drilled new holes in Ram mount base. Have a Helix 5 GPS with lakemaster chip. Love it so far. Its hardwired with a 2 pin plug to unhook. I also have a fender bag on my drivers side that I keep an ive transducer in for checking holes before settling in on a spot.
  3. Bought a 23" UL at St Paul ice show, got it home put the reel on. Went to spool up the reel with line. Rod tip broke. Ordered a 23" L and got it all set up. Pulled it out of my rod bag friday evening on the lake. Tip was snapped. Not impressed. $50 per rod and neither one has been wet. Pretty frustrated but I did send an email to 13 Fishing so I hope they stand behind their product. Not that I want them to send me another Tickle Stick
  4. 1st fish Caught by my buddy. Me on the right. He was a huge help through the whole build
  5. Thanks everyone. I do plan to weigh it in the next week. Took it out yesterday and caught 4 crappies. Pretty slow day. But the plus side is everything worked flawlessly. The graphics are all reflective as well. Looks awesome with any light hitting it. I have 2 people wanting a price on me building another 3 houses. Not sure if im ready for my hobby to take up all my free time. Heres a pic of it set up 1st fish caught in the house
  6. Thanks everyone! Its at a stand still for a week or so. Getting ready to drive down for the ice fishing show this coming weekend. Anyone reccomend a certain kind of "porch" type outdoor light? I put mine on and dont really like them. Not bright enough and draw too many amps for their poor performance. Must be LED and look decent plus be as bright as possible as well. Thanks!
  7. Made some good progress this weekend. The pics taken are with the lights on in the house. They turned out awesome and no shadows that ive found yet
  8. Why not buy a pair of "muck" boots already insulated?
  9. Just checking to see if anyone has mounted a Suburban furnace vertically? I'm running out of ideas on places to mount one in my fish house. Will they still work to mount vertically?
  10. Its a little more work. But after you drill your holes get as much of the ice shavings out and bring in a 5 gallon bucket of snow. Dump it down the hoke and use a thick rubber pair of gloves and pack the snow around your hole. Makes a night and day difference over packing with the ice shavings. Fans help as well as good banking on the outside.
  11. Anyone have any advice on where to put the stove? My buddys say put it in the "V" but it looks so cramped with my girlfriends required bathroom. I put it on the inside of the wheel well and really liked the usability of everything there.But my friends think its in the way. I have 5' 6" in between the wheel wells. Any input would be great pictures are even better
  12. Thanks, i plan on Sakakawea, Trenton, and a couple trips to Devils Lake. Probably some other smaller lakes as well.
  13. I just like its completely sealed, could throw it in a compartment in my four wheeler and not worry about it spilling. Or your habds snelling like gas or having to strap 1 more thing in my sled or on my fourwheeler
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