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  1. Was out there last weekend and the walleye bite was decent through the night. Occasional very nice perch. Have to sort through the walleyes. Not much of a day bite.
  2. +1 on princeton tec, have three of the fuel model. use them for work, fishing and all around use. Excellent for the price. On sale now at the big C for $12.99.
  3. Good ice. Was out there last weekend. Just don't go out of the Bitter lake lodge access, there's an ice heavy out from there. Go out of southeast access and you can get anywhere you like. Just a thin layer of crusty snow. Fishing was very spotty at best.
  4. Not positive but just plug into tv and watch. Should be recorded on reciever.
  5. Got an email last week from SD GFP with a link to the survey. Personally like the idea, but there is always a risk introducing a new species into a system. They seam to think it wouldn't effect other fish in the system though. Sure like the idea of improving on the salmon fishing. Headed to Pierre fishing tomorrow through Sat. and going see what others that fish out there think.
  6. Been going to Pierre the last 13 years in April. It's a numbers thing. But there are days of 100 to 150 walleyes. Plus there's the smallie bonus. There is a chance of a big one occasionally. Oh ya, if the weather permits you can have a shot at salmon up on Oahe.
  7. Anyone in the market for deep cycle batteries might want to check out Jerrys Auto Salvage in Big Lake. Was there today and they have new factory blem Interstate 24 and 27 series for $50 apiece. I picked one up for an extra in the fish house. I believe they are the srm series.
  8. Check the orifice in the tube. If there is a piece of dirt or lint in it it will act that way, mine did. Cleaned it and it works fine.
  9. The only way to lower alkalinity is ph down. Then bring up ph with ph plus. Once that is leveled then work on clarity. I would power shock it and go from there. Could be high phosphates.
  10. We didn't catch any smallies, but the creel checker said there was a couple caught. Should turn on soon. Water temp was 40 degrees. Walleye fishing was great though.
  11. Do a web search for Pierre South Dakota campgrounds. That will give you 6-8 campgrounds. Most places are from $10-$20 a night I believe. And as far as fishing, that time of year you can use anything you would around here. Jigs, Lindy rigs, Spinner rigs, Cranks.
  12. Fished West Bend on fri. and it was great. Boated over 50 walleyes,not one under 15inches. Modified our own slot and didn't keep a fish under 17. Limited out in about 4 hours. 84 degrees and dead calm,beautiful day.
  13. Check out the Boot Shack in St Cloud. Largest selection of sizes and brands in area. Bought a pair of Carolina boots, made in USA. Love them.
  14. Fished the stilling basin yesterday. Was a little slow but did manage 4 limits of 15-18 inch fish. Headed to West Bend to give it a try today. Weather is beautiful.
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