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  1. Eyehunter2

    Summer in Alaska

    What is that in the bottom left corner of pic #2?
  2. Eyehunter2

    Rattle reel setup

    Thanks for the input I think Ive got it know
  3. Eyehunter2

    Rattle reel setup

    I just bought a couple rarrle reels and dont know how to set them up, any help? DO YOU JUST SET THR REEL TENSIONER SO LINE STAYS AT DEPTH YOU WANT? HELP PLEASE
  4. Eyehunter2


    I made this bracket for my big buddy works good for making coffee
  5. Eyehunter2

    172-pound sturgeon

    Heres a pic from a last year
  6. Eyehunter2

    Any home made atv rack plans

    I would also love to see the pictures of your rack. [email protected]
  7. Eyehunter2

    Cooking food with a buddy heater?

    Yea had it set up in garage but couldnt get a very big hole in the floor,really just getting it readdy for last week
  8. Eyehunter2

    Cooking food with a buddy heater?

    I tryed this with a couple pieces of flat metal stock,it worked to make coffebut took forever,so then I lowered it by welding a round 1/4 in rod to the flat stockon each piece so I could put the end of rod in holes just above burner(closer to the heat)and this worked much better,dont have finished pic but will post later [image][/image]
  9. Eyehunter2

    banana jack mod

    What is a banana jack>
  10. Eyehunter2

    Mod. Sled question?

    I forgot ,as far as the auger I have a small otter that i pull behind the big otter,also a place for minnow bucket and other small things,also why I want to redo the big otter and reduce weight.Its not bad pulling by hand as long as there isnt to much snow,by then I can use the quad
  11. Eyehunter2

    Mod. Sled question?

    Here are a couple of pics of mine from last year.Im thinking about some changes.First I think I will replace all 2X2 with alum angle iron,and the deviders with some alum sheets I have,the alum will be pop riveted together.Im not sure if the alum stock I have is strong enough for the deck,I will have to check it out it may work if I can support in a couple of places where the chairs mount.I hope to start soon but work is cutting into my spare time so it may not get done befpre first ice then it will have to wait till seasons done. [image][/image] [image][/image]
  12. Eyehunter2

    How-to: Blending images in photoshop

    Thanks I will do that.I downloaded photoshop Elements 6 last nite I didnt figure that out in five min.
  13. Eyehunter2

    How-to: Blending images in photoshop

    thanks I will look into it and let you know how it works for me. I will probably have even more questions
  14. Eyehunter2

    How-to: Blending images in photoshop

    Im pretty new to digital cameras and am wondering what would be a good starter or Intermediate photo program to purchase? All I have now is basic HP photo that came with camera.