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  1. Timber33

    Strikemaster clutch question?

    Here is the raw truth. Putting a 10" drill assembly on a 2hp engine is wrong. That is why so many are posting a clutch problem. 9" is max! Any auger company. Go to D-Rock in New Brighton. Look at their parts deparment. Customer service from an auger company is great, but why put up with a bad clutch system for good service?
  2. Timber33

    Which Model of Electric Auger to Buy

    Hey, I use an electric in my house on Lake of the Woods. The Jiffy piece is nice, because of its torque and in old holes. I put a Stealth assembly on it, and whoa! I see this year they are offering one. Do I get a royalty?
  3. Timber33

    Ice Show

    Hi gang. I had a chance to meet a few of you guys around various booths. It was fun. My highlights, the new Cold Snap ice auger cover. Great item. Other deals, Thorne Brothers - Cetus reels. Thanks Josh! And the ReadyRig Ice Pak. That thing is sweet.
  4. Timber33

    New Auger on a Budget

    Hi Big... Just remember, your auger is a piece of power equipment, not a cheap "get me by". Look for longevity more, it will be you the better value.
  5. Timber33

    Icefishing Reels?

    TICA Cetus. Smooth, do not freeze up. Inexpensive too. Nice reels.
  6. Timber33

    I am not IcePro

    I see that my posts have been removed because someone thinks Icepro and I are one of the same. Is Hillary part of the moderators crews? Sorry to be so harsh, but find one post that I have made, which WAS NOT BALANCED? Yes, it is just an ice fishing site. But to censor and delete on a premise is not right.
  7. Timber33

    power auger carrier

    ReadyRig's case is the best.
  8. Timber33

    buying first power auger

    Go with a Jiffy. Quality counts. This speed nonsense is just that. Ask the Park Rapid Jaycee's. If you cut a lot of holes, buy a professional grade of equipment.
  9. Timber33

    Welcome Polar Sport.

    They make a great house. I have one of their NORDIC houses. Best house on the market!
  10. Timber33

    Ice Show

    [Note from admin: If you have a question on what is happening with the forum, please use the contact us link. We'll get faster results. We also know that you are IcePro Timber33.]
  11. Timber33

    Chipper Blades vs. Shaver Blades

    Razor blades make for a lighter auger? Okay! No, razor blades only require lesser RPM's to cut, not make a unit lighter. Plus EVERYONE uses the same 2hp engine.. What makes a Strikemaster lighter is simple. Plastic handles, shorter auger flites, lighter drill assembly shaft, lighter gear case cover. This is not a knock, but a structural difference from other augers. Jiffy uses all metal handles, a heavier gear case, a heavier diameter drill assemble shaft, and flites that go all the way up the shaft. It is their structual choice. I all know is this, on Lake of the Wood, we run our units hard. With Jiffy, I do not have to replace blades or a unit with any frequency.
  12. Timber33

    Chipper Blades vs. Shaver Blades

    I fish Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake, Winnie, Leech and other big lakes. So what, right! But remember that big lakes are more wind sweaped. This creates dirty ice. Dirty ice destroys razor style blades. Two, if I am in the middle of no where...I want to be able to sharpen my blade. Okay, you can replace, but how many back up sets do you want to buy? Chipper Blades rule!
  13. Timber33

    auger blade sharpening?

    Chipper blades require less sharpening, and are the easiest. Simply put them in a vise and file flush to the bottom. Then take the burr of the top, or the part that angles down. Regarding a razor style blade. Exchange them. They are like hockey skates, if you do not get a good edge, you will not move any ice.
  14. Timber33

    Jiffy 9" stealth

    Hi, I think $349.
  15. Timber33

    power auger carrier

    I am busy tonight. ReadyRig makes a great auger case. 39.99. Save money. Do not pay any more than 39.99. Heavy straps, heavy material, nice pocket.