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  1. I am an avid hunter and recently sent my dog away to a 2 month program, to be trained extensively in hunting and retreiving. he has only been away 3 weeks, but i am starting to miss the dog & question if i did the right thing. looking for advice fron anyone who has sent their dog away...will he come back with the same personality, will he adjust to being back at home, any advice on whether i should visit him.....any feedback welecome!
  2. I am for the use of scopes. There is nothing tradional about our muzzeloaders. Heck, back in the day of flintlock they had make shift scopes. I also dont believe the woods will be crowded if they allow scopes. My opinion thats all.
  3. Could the golf course be Ledgends? Great goose hunting out there. Nice pics.
  4. I found this yesterday while walking the river bottoms near 169. I saw him earlier this season & went looking for him & this is what I found--13 points. [image]C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff Morris\My Documents\My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos\2006-02-13-1756-00[/image]
  5. Does anyone know of a outdoor rifle range in or near the metro. I was looking to shoot some rounds through my muzzelloader. 100 or 200 yard targets would be nice. Thanks for any info!
  6. My 7 month lab is in this roll in everything phase. It started with his chew bones and now has progressed to fish. Should I be correcting this asap? Should I yell NO and stop him everytime? This may seem stupid but it is my first dog and I'm learning also. Thanks for any advise.
  7. You guys might know of this spot. Highway 101 and stagecoach road. You go south on stagecoach off 101 then it turns east, it is kind of a frontage road. There are rail road tracks that go under 169 you will cross. I turn left "east" there and walk the tracks with my dog. There is a big group of wild turkeys there that will let you get real close. I bet you could get some great photos there. Its worth a try late afternoon is when I've been there.
  8. Thanks Tom, I have nothing but good words for how you and jim run the show. I am sure that you guys will fill out this summer. Its a good idea to fish the stained lakes for a better daytime bite. I am planning on fishing the PWT as a amateur this summer. I am going to try to get into the oahe tournament. I will miss the skeeter boys as well as "team powers". You guys run a first class show and I wish you the best in the future. I will make an effort to see you guys this summer. I will see you then. The boys.
  9. Hi tom and jim, Just got back from mille lacs and fishin is a little slow out there. I wish I could say that I was fishing your trail next summer but I cant. Planning on getting married and need to concentrate on that. I will miss the good times. I am sure you wont have any troubles finding someone to fill the spot. How many are going to be fishing the trail next year? Have a good new year! The guys with the brittney.
  10. Well there should be another mass migration to the dakotas. The minnesota DNR is going to lose more money. And people are going to be short stopped on public from a guy on private using 3 of them. I dont hunt minnesota on opener I am in north dakota and have been there for the last 5 years. Minnesota has one of the lowest duck kill/hunter in the nation.....why us? I guess we save the waterfowl for the guys down south so they can violate them. Not fair, we all have limits whats it gonna hurt if you get one? The hunters down south are celebrating they are going to have a great season once again. Here I come dakotas lets rock and roll!
  11. I will be glad to give bass lakes away. For a big sleeper bass lake waconia is my choice. I have had bass ruin my muskie bucktails on this lake. Last time I was there in sept I cought a 23 incher on a blue n silver bucktail. It had the whole thing inhaled and bent it! The monster was released.
  12. The license costs $45 and all you need is a driver license. Look for the schells in souix falls off minnesota road thell have them. There in! Go there and ye shall find some richous hunting! South east dakota geese every where.
  13. leadcore

    green light

    Are these underwater lights illeagel? I say yes my friend says no. Looked in regs and it says nothing on fishing just spearing. Do these things work winter, summer? any suggestions would help. "Its Time"
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