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  1. JustEnoughToEat

    Deer Hunting

    How hard do the WMA's get hit during the archery season?
  2. JustEnoughToEat

    Deer hunting as it should (could) be

    DaveT- could you shoot me and E-mail I have a couple questions for you londog21 at yahoo thanks
  3. JustEnoughToEat

    Reel Weeds

    Thanks Matt for your input.
  4. JustEnoughToEat

    Reel Weeds

    Has anyone had any luck with this product?? How far away from your fishing hole do you put them so you don't end up with a mess and still attract fish?
  5. JustEnoughToEat

    Vikes Draft

    Quote: I think we need to bite the bullet and draft the Ohio State's kicker. Our kicking has been pathetic and is taking up too many roster spots right now! I agree, In football there are three phases of the game. Offense, Defense and Special Teams. You need to win two of the three to win a game and for the last three years we have given away two of them before the game has even started. Get the kicker with an early draft pick and your most likely set in that dept. for the next 10-12 years. I know people don't want to waste a higher draft "I'm not saying either of the first two picks" pick on a kicker but hopefully you won't have to worry about that pos. for a long time. It will also open up a roster spot for someone else to contribute.
  6. JustEnoughToEat

    Tice Ticket-scalping Charges

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to feed the family.
  7. JustEnoughToEat

    Climbing Stands

    Lt01- I have a Warren-Sweat from Cabellas. The best thing I have ever bought for hunting. I like the belt system for adjusting to the size of the tree, it adjusts in about quarter inch incraments and is very quiet. The absolute bomb in Ripley.