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  1. I have had solar panels on my lift for 2 years now. I have a 15 watt 12 volt that charges and maintains my starting battery and lift motor battery, and a 24 volt 22 watt panel that I use for my 24 volt trolling motor system. I had 250 feet of dock and about 300 feet from there to power so panels were the way to go. You can pick up good panels for $80 -90 bucks that will keep your batteries charged if you use them on the weekends and charge the rest of the time. I recommend controllers for them though as they keep the batteries from over charging and also have a maintenance mode. I can give you more specific info of you'd like. As to hooking them up, on the 12 volt it is positive to positive and negative to negative. On the 24 volt, red goes to the first positive in the series, and black to the second battery in the series on the negative post. You can look at how they are wired for the trolling motor and match that with the wires from the panel.
  2. I just noticed the north shore thread today, too bad I didn't see it sooner, it sounds like it was fun for you guys. I do ride up there a few times a year, this was the first trip this year. I usually take my girls and my wife as they like the area too, there is a restaraunt we like to go to. I have made it there too with buddies, usually 100 miles or so with the kids and a couple hundred with the guys. I will keep a better watch on here more often. Wish we could have formally met. Somtime I hope.
  3. Small World, I was the guy who you asked to take the photo in front of your sleds at the Trestle Inn, I was up there with my family. Amazing to be from Isanti the same as one of you guys, and not know it til I read your post. We road the moose walk as well, nice day to be out riding. Great area up there.
  4. My family and I have ridden in the UP, Wisconsin, and Northshore, as well as the IFalls area. Personally I think the North Shore is the best, because of scenery and lesser amounts of traffic than the UP, and is cheaper than buying a Wisconsin sticker. Silver Bay and north has about all one can ask for. Main Northshore trail and lot's of spur trails to explore. And the Gunflint is also a great place to ride. Wisconsin is nice as well, Hurley, Bayport areas are beautiful too.
  5. Bump, Still available. This house is great for more than one person. I bought to bring the kids, but they are not as interested as they were. I also have a sled I will give away with it so it can go behind a 4 wheeler or sled.
  6. 8 x 8 suitcase style fish house. 6 holes, great condition. Ice Igloo brand. Folds up to 4' x 8' x 4" size. Priced reduced,asking $300, or best offer. Photos available. Located 40 miles North of Mpls. I also have a sled I would give away with it to pull behind atv or snowmobile. The house can also be left erected, and put on sled to move around.
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