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  1. skunked_once

    Clam fan/light combo.

    I received one of the $15 light/fans for Christmas and the fan doesn't work. It will barely turn when I stick a pencil in and try to move it. Thank goodness for gift receipts. It's going back for exchange as soon as I can find the time.
  2. skunked_once

    Refill of 1 lb propane tanks?

    This topic has been extinsively discussed in the past. Try a search. What I learned from the past posts was that many people do it but it is not wise because of the safety factor.
  3. skunked_once

    It doesn't get much better

    My wife is out mowing the lawn and I'm loading the boat to go fishing
  4. skunked_once


    This doesn't count but I took one out when I launched the boat too shallow and it sheared off on the concrete ties on the landing. It took me awhile to figure out why I wasn't getting a signal when I got out on the water. The worst part is that there were witnesses.
  5. skunked_once

    Good Fishing Quotes

    You can't fish from your coffin!
  6. skunked_once

    Do you Tell the truth???

    Is this a trick question?
  7. skunked_once

    stuck auger #$%^&*!!!!!!

    Thanks vitalshot5. I'll take it easy next time and let the auger do the work. After I posted this I found a thread in the equipment section about strikemaster augers and someone else pointed out the same problem.
  8. skunked_once

    stuck auger #$%^&*!!!!!!

    How can this happen? I was drilling a hole with a 2hp Strikemaster, 10", and the auger got stuck. Two of us worked and twisted and grunted and swore but we couldn't get it to turn in either direction. Fortunately, we were able to enlist a nearby good samaritan to come and drill it out with another auger. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What did I do wrong and how can I keep it from happening again?
  9. skunked_once

    Gave in too easily?

    Tomorrow's the big day! I was at Fleet Farm Tuesday night to pick up some more necessary fishing supplies, including a new panfish reel. The checkout lady told me her husband is only allowed three. Poor guy! I'm sure I've packed too much stuff and will find out what I forgot when we get there. As I tell my fishing companions whenever we head out "We've got everything but the fish!" I'm hoping the crappie bite will turn on this weekend. I'll post a report in the URL forum Sunday night when we get back.
  10. skunked_once

    Gave in too easily?

    I've been wanting to get in on the crappie bite on URL for the last two years. Out of the blue, a coworker invited me to join him and two other friends that I know for two nights in a sleeper on URL in two weeks. I fretted for three days on how to ask the activities chairman for permission. To test the waters, so to speak, I mentioned in passing that Larry had invited Moe and Curly to go fishing and did I want join them. Before I could start in with the reasons that I should be allowed to go, she said "You'd better go then"! When I talked with Moe the next day he said that his wife had the same response. Should we be worried?
  11. skunked_once

    What did Santa bring you?

    A new pair of chopper mittens and a Fish Bright lantern reflector. The Fish Bright popped right into place and I can hardly wait to try it out!
  12. skunked_once

    Do You Remember....

    I returned to ice fishing a few years ago and dug out my good old ice stick with the ice pick on one end, the rubber handle on the other, and the two pegs in the middle to hold the line. This stick was 40 years old and my ice fishing partner could not believe I was still using it. He kidded me unmercifully but I still carry it in the bucket and stick it at an extra hole waiting for an equally old walleye or northern.
  13. skunked_once

    basic question

    This has been discussed in previous posts and the consensus was to get some silicone tape from your hardware store. I found some called Wrap-Fix tape in the electrical section. It's spendy but it sticks to itself and works great!
  14. skunked_once

    Explain your name...

    I almost had to change mine. Took the boat out one last time on Friday and only caught one sinking little northern. In the about eight years I've had my boat, I've only been "skunked once". The most expensive equipment and fishing skill will never replace "dumb luck".
  15. skunked_once

    Dog and bass

    Thanks for showing us your secret bass bait. Does that fuzzy bait come in other colors and sizes? I assume that you fish it topwater.