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  1. yep, I dropped the training wheels a couple of years ago and went to the dark side as well!! best thing ever, I built a stick bow out of hickory backed with linen, Best thing every, I then went on to build 4 more longbows, I have another reflex/deflex in the works. But still love shooting my longbow, make my own strings and everything, once you build one you will not go back that is forsure. I used a guy out WA to cut me my stave, and he also does a great video on building one, I have about 65 bucks in to the long bow including making the string. shooting 140fps and lovin it....
  2. yep what he said, finisher for your yard, trail/brush blazing trails.
  3. I have plowed for 10 years with two different machines, never had chains, and after a year like last year I would get a blower. I would have to bring the skidder down from the farm to move and make more room, Blower takes the air or out if and flattens it, plow adds more air and once you get the banks higher than your blade you aren't going to roll it game over...
  4. I have a regular Safari and like it, I purchused the Lakemaster micro sd and seems to work out ok, like having the touch screen and being able to use the pad as well. use it on my wheeler on the lake and geocashing with the kids. would like to have street maps on mine but I am sure I can do an upgrade for that.
  5. yes they are going to be at the show, Cory was in my shop last week and we talked a bunch so he is excited and I am excited to carry them in the shop this winter, glow are really something to see. should be good for anyone from crappies to eyes, to light biter sunnies!!
  6. After looking again it is Kansas that allows crane hunting, I had my 11 year old last night read and take the test that shows the differences in Sandhill and Whooping. Kansas starts the shooting half hour after sunrise to reduce the possible shooting of a whooping. it should be a great time this fall still looking for a place to go but should be able to round something up I hope
  7. I started looking around at the Crane stuff as soon as MN said we going to have a season on them. There doesn't seem to be to much info out there on hunting them. I did go to the Nebraska HSOforum and they had a really great test for their hunters to take, it took like 15 minutes and was free but some really great information on the difference between Sandhills and Whooping. If you are going to target them this fall for the first time it would be some great information. Would love to head up there and try for them for a couple days!
  8. made one similar to that a couple of years ago for my 14', it works great fold it down as you travel down the lake and then open the panel over the boat and one over the bow and good to go. I did make one side taller to cove our heads. I modeled it after my buddy who had his made by a couple guys down St Peter way. Pipe bender is a must and rest is simple. Used a black plastic mesh to give it stability and then added the netting and natural grasses after, holds up very well.
  9. Has anyone thought of doing this in Sept? It looks like fun, I have talked to a couple custom call makers and they have said they are one of their favorite birds to hunt. Seems to be limited information or tips on hunting them out there. I was just wondering if anyone has ever hunted them or do most people pass shoot them in other states? Also I was wondering if we would see some guides pick up some clients for this hunt this fall.Thanks!
  10. Well I decide to let my youngest son give turkey hunting a try this spring, We did some scouting and then got his license and he was ready to go. We hunted Wednesday afternoon in the rain and then Thursday afternoon until sundown with no success not even a gobble. Worked pulled me away for turkey hunting on saturday and Sunday morning I woke him at 5 and he asked if he could sleep a bit longer(remember he is only 7), so at 630 I had to get him up and we headed to our spot luckly it is only 1 mile a way so we got the blind set up and he put out a jake decoy 8 yards out and two more hens, by 720 we had a hen cross in front of you at 35 yards. I had the gun perfect at 20 yards so I had a flag set out at that distance so he knew the limits. He yelped on his push button call a couple times and got a responce. at 735 three hens made their way into the pasture followed by this longbeard. I could hear him beathing harder and the tom strutted his stuff. Suddenly the tom spotted the jake decoy and came barreling in, and at 8 yards he strutted around the decoy 3 times each time the 7 year old asked if he could shoot. I told him to line up the rear vent with the front bead and told him to take the safety off and let him have it, with the gun resting on the blind to hold it up he pulled the trigger, bird and feathers everywhere he hit him good, with one more shot he was done, we took off out of the blind to look at his prize which only took 45 minutes the last day of his season. 23.75 lbs, 10.5 beard and 1.25 spurs. He told me after that "you don't feel the kick when you are concentrating..." Love those 7 years olds. He is so excited to have one up on his 10 year old brother. need some help uploading this photo please...
  11. I would also check with the area sportsmen clubs, I know ours here in the SW metro host one as well as the Deer Hunters Assoc. and other groups like that.
  12. Prior doesn't have muskie's that I know of. The Upper prior by spring is usually very dirty, but the lower by like candy cove is usually fairly clean. Well good luck to everyone heading out this weekend
  13. Fish Lake by Lydia very dirty we just had our sportsmen club contest on there on sunday, the ice is red since the lake is so murky they said it has a stink to the water earlier. I was on minnewashta last weekend in Chan super clear but not keeps seen 1 pike and some bass but slow, no pannies or anything. Waconia is usally clear, speared that a bunch of times never ran into any ski's, nice lake but usally busy. Prior upper is usally very dirty, I have had much cleaner water on the lower. One year it was scary clear and never seen a fish I think we didn't have enough snow cover to make them comfortable.
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