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  1. Highway 72 west till you see the sign for Gross. Direction wise, straight west of Broomfield. Only about a 30 minute drive from Westminster.
  2. I don't know about Carter, but I fish Gross quite a bit once it's froze. Buddy was up last weekend and it was still not froze. I think its a combination of the winds up there and the springs in the resevoir that keep it open. Once it does freeze, it's a very good place for numbers, but size is a different story. You can catch 50 macs a day there and none will be over 16 inches. I've had good days with a few nice fish in the 4 pound range however. I've seen some good fish taken but expect a ton of small fish. If you fish along the shore, the rainbows are getting better size to them. Two years ago I caught a 17 inch brookie out of there. Hope that helps.
  3. I fished it Saturday. I was the one way out. Started near the bouy and just kept trying different areas. Was a very slow day. Ended up getting two trout. Ranger who checked my license said they planted a ton of trout in there. This isn't what I wanted to hear. I was hoping those trout from last year would still be there but bigger but seemed as though that's not the case. Ice was 3 inches almost everywhere. Will be trying other areas. Trout with white meat don't interest me much.
  4. A friend of mine wants to fish the fork, Coming from Denver its an easy trip, but are you guys accessing it from Partial??? And specific road number to the lake off of Highway 40? Thanks Chad
  5. John, There is an easy way to take care of this. Used to do it all the time for them on the big lakes and now here in Colorado. What you need is called a stinger hook. Just go get yourself some small treble hooks (note smaller the better)and depending on your jig configuration here is what I do. If I have the lead head above the jig, I tie a piece of 10-12 lb test (stiffer the better) to the eye of the hook, and run it inside the body and out the rear end about an inch or so behind the tail. If I have the lead inside the jig (doesn't seem to matter here on most days) I again will take and tie some line directly to the hook like a dropper on a fly rod. Again have it about an inch behind the tail. By doing this, I'm willing to bet those misses you have will no be converted to fish on the ice. Good luck and hope to see you up on Granby or WF soon. Chad
  6. Did pretty good up at Lake John this past weekend. Saturday was a complete huricane! The winds were unreal and almost broke the shack in half. The girls went for a ride after the Ice scews I had securing the shack bent. Needless to say the girls lost some very nice fish but we got some decent ones too. My youngest had one on somewhere in the 6-8 pound range. The fish was 22-24 inches. She lost it and then it went to the other hole and just staired at my other daughters jig but he knew better. Sunday was slower but very calm. We ended up getting a dozen or so fish and called it a day at 11:00. The bite up there seems to be real early and then kind of fizzles out. Went to East Delaney and it was pretty good there in the afternoon. Almost no pressure on those lakes. Maybe looking for a different trip this weekend. Still waiting for Gross to freeze but it looks quite bad with this weeks weather.
  7. Well I'm heading to Lake John once again for the weekend with the girls this time. Hope we do good like last weekend. Got everything ready, 3 am comes early. Looks to be a great weekend again up there. Will have the camera this time. Good luck and be safe.
  8. You shouldn't have problem with the two wheel drive unless it snows and starts blowing. Where we parked you only needed two wheel drive. I too will be heading up there again this weekend. Bringing the girls this time. Let them land a few 3-4 pounders. Maybe see you up there. Hoping the weather will be as good as last weekend.
  9. Went up today with a friend. Fished the north end of lake and we got about 25 between the two of us. All in all a good trip. The lake really looked slow I think some of the guys were fishing a bit deep. The Weather was UNREAL for NORTH PARK! I couldn't believe it, no wind, sun, a great view of the mountains what more could a guy ask for?
  10. I don't know about you guys , but this weekend feels like xmas. I will be up at Lake john or the other 3 lakes this weekend. Will be up with a friend Saturday, and if things go good, will be up with the girls Sunday. Good luck to all
  11. Hey guys just wondering what you guys are using in the pop ups for heat? I got two young girls I bring out on the ice all the time and want to keep them warm and safe. Just wondering what you guys are using and where you got it. Thanks Chad
  12. It is a fun place to fish, the action is usually very very fast with many small fish with a few nice ones in betweeen. I hate eating the fish out of there. For some reason they taste terrible. Most are you're still white meat stockers and that is most likely the reason. Have fun either way its Ice fishing. Will be deer hunting for a week in Michigan and am ready for the freeze.
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