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  1. Do you generally find them directly under tree rubbings, or is it pretty random?I went out for a couple hours today and found plenty of fresh rubbings, but no antlers. I'm going to try again tomorrow.
  2. I have seen a couple in the metro area. The first one was near Harriet Island just south of downtown St. Paul. The second one was just south of Lake Vadnais in Vadnais Heights.
  3. Tamarack nature center in White Bear Lake is a pretty good place to see birds and wildlife. (deer, fox, coyotes are all pretty common) Also-there are a number of state parks within a pretty short drive from Forest Lake... -William O'Brien state park in marine on the st. croix is has lots of hiking trails. Plenty of deer, LOTS of coyotes. -Wild river st. park.- A pretty secluded park for being so close to the metro area Lots of migrating birds, deer, racoons, coyotes, and fox all very common. Although I haven't personally seen one here, I have heard black bears are pretty common to spot here in the spring/summer. I have also seen signs of wolves in and near the park. -Interstate St. Park in taylors falls is very scenic all throughout the year. If you enjoy a little more rugged terrain, try this one out.
  4. Not a great picture, but I thought I would share anyway. I always see 50-100 sandhills any time I visit this place.
  5. A day that would forever change the world... I had the pleasure of visiting pearl harbor earlier this year. Oil still leaks from the ship to this day...
  6. There has been 3 or 4 of them hanging around my feeders just about everyday. When they are done eating, they sit on the edge of the heated bird bath for long periods of time. They must like the warmth.
  7. Nice shots. I went to lac qui parle state park last year during the peak of the migration, and I have never seen so many geese in my life. Flock after flock were flying overhead all day long. Anyone who enjoys nature should try to make it out there at least once during the migration.
  8. That must be quite the sight in person. Where is the refuge?
  9. Just some random pictures taken on a recent camping trip to northern MN. Nothing great, but I thought I'd share anyways. I hope flickr works ok for posting on message boards. The red fox were VERY active when we were up there. We counted 6-8 of them along a relatively short stretch of road. They were not afraid of the car we were in, and a couple of them even came in for a closer look. Let me tell you, when its pitch black out, its hard to focus on your subject! This was at a campsite I stayed at a few years prior to the most recent trip. The fire had changed it dramatically since the last time I visited. I wish I had a photo of it before the fire. Typical northern MN lake.
  10. In the metro area, red squirrels are much less common than their gray counterparts, and I really don't mind having them around. There are one or two red squirrels that frequent my feeders, and they will often chase away the gray squirrels. Just the other day, I had 4 gray squirrels at the feeders munching away. A red squirrel showed up and, one by one, chased away all of the gray squirrels. Its can be quite entertaining to watch the little red's take on large gray's.
  11. Just got my outdoor news today...congratulations on the cover shot. Edit: I didn't even notice someone started a new post. Oh well
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