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  1. Cory, I have 3 rods from Midwest UL,ML and M all in 28". If you like the St. Croix blanks but dont like the way they are set up talk to Bill at Midwest and he will customize it for you.
  2. Have been using my 7'6" light ex-fast rod with the Sensor Grip handle for a couple weeks now and I still cant belive the sensivity of this rod. Hands down the best rigging rod I own. With the wind blowing its hard to concentrate on a lite bite with the Sensor grip handle it sure makes it alot easier. Both Bill and Al do a great job on all the rod the make.
  3. G man I would willing to bet the Opti gets alittle bit better than the 4-stroke. If your willing to put up with the noise over the 4-stroke go with the Opti.
  4. rangr


    Lee using crosslock will give your lures more action when trolling plus its easier to change lures if needed.
  5. Northlander, I had a 135 OPTI on the back of a 1775 pro v with a 9.9 4 stroke kicker and I could get 50 mph. Your Explorer would fly.
  6. rangr


    I think there are alot of things people dont understand about a custom made rod. First you pick out the blank that you think will best fit your needs. Then you decide what you want for guides handle or lack of one, the color of the thread and what you want for a name one the rod. For those of you who have never seen or felt a Midwest rod give Bill or Al a call or go to the Northwest Sports Show and check them out they have alot of things you cannot find on store bought rods.
  7. rangr

    Circle hooks

    I'm with Lee they work great for pulling spinners, especsially if you pull spinners behind planner boards.
  8. If your in the Prior Lake area Justan give Bill a call he would be more than willing to show you some rods at his house. And maybe give you some ideas on the rod thats right for you. You cant belive the options you have with a custom builder. This weekend at the Walleye and Bass Expo we sold two women, two ultra-lite panfish rods and the one lady said "this is more fun than buying a bowling ball." Give him a call you will be glad you did!
  9. J Rookie the Walleye/Bass expo is Feb 18 to the 20th at the Blaine sports center in Blaine not sure of the times.
  10. J Rookie, I have several rods built by Bill at Midwest Rod and Reel and they are all walleye rods. They range from 6ft jigging rods to 14ft trolling rods and I love them all! If you would like to take a look at them first hand stop by the walleye and bass expo this coming weekend an see us.
  11. I have been using Okuma the last three years. They make a couple of different models that would work for an ultra-lite. Other wise I have used a 7bb reel from California tackle that has a life-time warranty for $29.99. Both reels can be seen on www.midwestrodandreel.com
  12. Yes, they moved it to blaine this year.
  13. rangr

    newbie question

    Freight, without getting you heated up, it seems your some how anti LX-3. Yes Marcum is a sponsor of this site, and yes alot of us have them, but for a very good reason they are really good locators. I sold my vex this year just so I could get an LX-3 not because I didnt like the vex but because I liked the LX that much more. As far as summer fishing Marcum has a transducer that can be mounted on your boat its Minnkota that dosent have an adapter to use with their universal sonar trolling motors.
  14. Tom, I know mine and my boys numbers were drawn at Tonka. I dont think he was going to leave until it was!
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