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  1. BIG_EYE

    panfish in the shallows???

    What slabbin said.
  2. BIG_EYE

    Pump or Auto?

    Browning Gold 10Ga Browning Gold 12Ga 3 1/2 Browning BPS 10Ga Remington 870 12Ga
  3. BIG_EYE

    Team 3 Turkey Takers

    I know your pain, I too have to wait untill the end of the month.
  4. BIG_EYE

    Better Halves and Ice Fishing

    Signature tells it all.
  5. BIG_EYE

    Grilling Fillets

    Fillet fish but leave skin on(with scales), spred meet side with butter, dash with lemonpepper, and grill skin side down directly on the grill until fish flakes apart. The skin and scales keep the fish from burning and comes right off when fish is done. Enjoy!
  6. BIG_EYE

    License for 2 portables

    If you have two Fishtraps conected with a trap link do you need two licenses?
  7. BIG_EYE

    Arctic Cat clutch weights?

    I have a '97 ZRT 600 the clutch kicks in around 5200. I think someone might have done a clutch job on yours. I don't know much about clutching though so I can't say for shure. The ZRTs come setup for high performance from factory. Sorry I can't give much more help.
  8. BIG_EYE

    Free Samples-Amsoil

    Hey oilman: I would like to say thank you for takeing the time to send me the free sample. Now all we need is for the rain to stop and the temp. to drop so I can try it out. THANKS!
  9. BIG_EYE

    LongCast Reels...Which would you buy?

    I have Shimano Sustain 4000s and love them. They were engenered for longcasting. I do a lot of shore fishing and wouldn't be cought without them. They are smooth reels. A little on the spendy side though. ($250)
  10. BIG_EYE

    Just a (Contact Us Please) - anybody else?

    Hanson I think BD110 is right. I have a Chev. and that is all I have to do.
  11. BIG_EYE

    Anyone on here a redneck??

    My girl frend calls me a Minnesota redneck, and she is from the south .
  12. BIG_EYE

    Free Samples-Amsoil

    THANKS for the offer. I have been wanting to try this oil.
  13. Harvey, You and Eyeguy are talking about dif. covers. I have one like Eyeguy is talking about. I got mine on clearance last spring and have not used it yet. But the other day when it was -2 outside I pulled it out to put it on my auger, it was so stiff I thought it was going to shater into pices. It is a full cover not just a head cover like you guys are talking about. It is made of vinyl and made by Ready Rig. Looked liked a nice cover but...
  14. BIG_EYE

    Fishing POll