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  1. I agree and I to never hunted off a deer stand I did not make. However, there is another side to it where it would be ok for someone to do so. What if the hunter died, quit hunting the area, moved a half a mile a way and built 1 or more new deer stands. thus that deer stand is now abandoned. That makes it open to anyone. It would take a while to figure out that it is abandoned. You just can't walk up to it and say to yourself. Well, no one is on it, I guess its abandoned? If snow is on the ground and you see no human activity on it all deer season. Then take it over next year. something like that. I guess if someone makes 4 deer stands and can only hunt on one at a time. then maybe just maybe. You should ethically have the right to hunt on one of the other 3, If you could figure out that is, that, that is exactly what was going on. there seems to be too many if ands or buts when it comes to deer stands and hunting terriority on public land. All I can say, is that before I ever put up a stand. I walked all around the area 50 or more yards away in a circle and looked to see if another stand was up and too close. Heck, even if we all have good ethical practices, we can still accidently cause a problem between one hunting party and another. Especially if the new party that moved into an area for the first time. A party of 8 people will want to jump into a pretty large area and build 8 or more stands. then the party that has been there for a long time. show up and say what the heck is this? this is not going to be easy to solve.
  2. Just reading all these posts and I also read some on this same subject in other forums not too long ago. Although deer stands is a problem for many people and the dnr to. It is obvious that there are other problems to concerning rifle deer hunting. For me, when I was hunting with my gradfathers party. Only 5 of us. We hunted county land and it seemed that very few other people were in our area and I felt safe and we had a good time. Later on 3 in the party had passed away and I went back to potlatch land where I grew up and hunted grouse on every year. At first I saw very few people. A few years later. It seemed like other partys moved in and I felt encroaced on. I knew it was legal for them to be here. That was not the last straw for me. It was that a few of the people had very bad hunter ethics. I was shot at 3 times. One bullet landed in one of the 3 trees that was my deer stand. The bullet was about 2 feet or closer to my head. Hunters should never ever shoot at any deer that has another hunter in the line of site. Also, the line of site is allot bigger then some people understand. I have let deer go that had a hunter in the line of site. Including the time above I just mentioned. It does bother me to see deer stands that look like a tree house. I don't know why but I don't like to see them in the woods. If minnesota goes to portables only. How many (Contact US Regarding This Word) are going to start stealiing them because they are sitting on public land? How many people build multiple deer stands in one area, which they use to hog a larger area then they can hunt at one time? How many people think that they own where they are hunting even though its on public land? I know they teach hunter ethics in gun safety classes but maybe they don't teach it enough? I quit rifle deer hunting and took up bow hunting. I have never ever had a problem with any other bow hunter including while grouse hunting when bow hunters are out hunting. One other thing that bothers me any time I am in the woods, is I have seen a few times where someone built a permenant stand and 2 of the trees were giant pines. I mean maybe 200 year old trees. They took there chain saw and cut the tree down half way up. Talk about ugly and destructive! I wish people would pick and choose with more common sense, where to build their stand. These are the kinds of things that make's the dnr get angry to. In my youth, I used to hunt everything. Now-a-days, I just hunt grouse and rabbits and or bow hunt for deer. I will contine to hunt this way as long as I feel safe in the woods and with out stupid conflicts with other hunters. I also own and use an atv and I am always reading about conflicts with atv's to, but I have no first hand conflicts about using mine yet. I try very hard to be responsible using my atv. The only thing I see about atv's and grouse hunting that bother me a little bit is that I see where some people are so lazy now that they hunt 100 percent of the time on the atv. They walk none. I at least ride my atv on travel trails and every single dead end hunting road I come to. I stop and walk hunt them all. yes, when I am riding the travel roads. I am hunting because you can find a grouse anywhere, but I am talking about all the side dead end roads/trails. As more and more atv hunters ride those nice walking roads they are getting damaged. that is making the dnr upset to. All I can do is my part to stay out of trouble and to attempt to preserve our land and respect other hunters while doing my hunt. Why is it that a few people think that they can do any darn thing when they are in the woods. Including putting people at risk from rikashays when shooting at deer with highpower rifles. I was lucky. I had a grandfather that taught me everything I know about the outdoors. Not just hunting either. There is ethics while camping and fishing. All of us are stewards of our land. If we screw up. More and more new laws will be created to make it harder for us to enjoy the great outdoors and we all know that minnesota is one of the very best places in america to enjoy the great outdoors, so far anyway!?! -northman
  3. The DNR is going to be doing this, state forest by state forest. We are going to have to keep our eyes open for the next 4 years and protest if they close toooooooo many of the roads!! - northman
  4. northman

    legal for street

    I would like them to be street legal so I could drive mine to the bar! HA! HA!
  5. The main reason that it is elligal is so we don't accidently introduce new species of fish into a lake. Just because we buy crappie minnows or what ever; there can be some bad little fish in our bucket that if released into a lake could take hold.
  6. What gets me is that now they are working on new atv legislation when old legislation is still on going. I am talking about the law to make all state forests closed to atv riding unless they have a sign posted open. The dnr might not get done inventoring all the forests untill 2008 maybe. then those new laws will take effect. In the mean time other new laws are taking effect. I just don't know?
  7. northman


    I would think the fence idea would be difficult since you would have to bring in the fence and battery. When I am done packing my truck is full. There is one simple method that I have been using for the last 40 years with good success. In the last 45 years I have only had one bear come right into my camp and it was at night and he was only passing by. It was in the old days when My tent had the 4 ropes staked down, one at each corner. The bear bumped into one of them and nocked that corner of the tent down. My wife was scared about it but the bear passed on. Since then no bears too close to my camp. the method is for you the male of the camping group to [PoorWordUsage] around the outer edges of your camp. Spred them out so that you have sented pretty much all around your camp except near the lake water if you are camped right on the lake. Do not have your female members of your group do that however. Just the males. One male doing that is enough. Have the women use the toilet area accessable for your camp. To some animals like a bear. TO THEM, you are marking your area and warning them to keep out. Animals that should respect your boundaries would be: bears, deer, wolves, fox. Animals that might not respect your area would be: Moose, squirrls, chipmunks, rabbits, and other small mammals. Your only concern is the bears. When you go to bed, put your coolers about 10 yards away from your camp but inside your [PoorWordUsage] zone. There is no better method for telling bears to stay away. - northman
  8. A few years ago when I was ice fishing on this one lake for crappies. When I got to the lake, there was a guy fishing near by where I set up. He came over to say hello. I asked him how fishing was. He said slow. Then he said you should have been here yesterday. We caught our limit. Well for one time. I was on the lake the day before and me and my grandpa and uncle were the only ones on the lake all day. When I told him that, he put his head down and walked away. YES FISHERMEN ARE LIERS! SOME SAY WE ARE THE BIGGEST LIERS OF ALL! - NORTHMAN
  9. northman

    Brown trout

    I have not brown trout fished through the ice but I will take a stab at it. One thing your experiencing is that rainbow trout bite more readily then brown trout. I will tell you a story that happened to me in the summer on a stream brook trout fishing. I was on a creek that had some shiners in it. They bite more readily then any trout. I was fishing a nice hole and I had to catch 12 shiners first. Then I finally caught 2 brook trout in that hole. Your experiencing rainbow's first before the browns. Since rainbows frequently are suspended in shaller water you are catching those. Maybe try fishing a little deeper for browns? So I am saying, you found the rainbows now you have to find the browns. - northman
  10. You guys are talking about catching those more recently stocked trout and how easy they are to catch. I hope everyone lets those small trout go. When I was a kid and my grandfather took me out and taught me how to stream trout fish. I later on and just for myself. I made a rule that I would not keep a brook, brown, rainbow unless it was over 8 inches long. I am not saying that is the right size to judge by. each person can come up with there own rule. I also note that brookies are very much better tasting then rainbows for some reason? I also like the taste of Splake as well. All 4 species are equally fun to catch. The last trout I caught in a stocked lake was a 2 lb. brookie. It had lost its drab plane colors that planted trout have as it had a bright orange belly and very black body with very bright yellow spots as a native brookie has that has been in the stream or lake for a few years. There is one lake that is pretty far north that I have been trying to get my self to as it is according to the dnr one of there highly stocked lakes with splake and they say they are getting very big in that lake. There is actually a stocked lake in minnesota, stocked with browns that is the same name as my first and last name. Last name Lake of course. I plan to try that lake some day to. Never been to it yet. I am staying home to hybernate in my home this weekend untill it gets allot warmer out then it is and will be this weekend. - northman
  11. I think down to earth is pretty close. I am going to guess Eagles: 20 Vikes: 10 HaY! what does the winner get? Just Kidding!= Northman PS: I would llke to see Tony Dungy and Paton Manning and the Ind. Colts win the Super Bowl this year!! Since I know from past experience that the vikes are not going to go very far. In order to enjoy continuing to watch Foot Ball after the Vikes are out. I like to root for another team. I picked the colts. So there, darn it!
  12. I can tell you one tent not to buy. I bought a 3 room tent. One room was just a screen room. Good for eating meals in on heavy misquito days. However, the screen section did not have any rain flaps to close shut. When it rained that section got an inch of rain in it. On one trip I brought 1 tarp and it rained 4 days and 4 nights solid. Had to bail the screen room every couple of hours. The other 2 bedrooms stayed dry. I had to use the tarp over the camp fire and I had a table and chairs set up under it too and fire wood. We kept the fire going and cooked and ate under the tarp, so the screen section that I could not cover just kept getting rain in. I now have a different tent. I don't like it either but its better then the previous one. - northman
  13. There have been several articles in both twin cities papers about that. I personally would like to see it. I don't know about you, but I don't think too much about The Red Texan. - northman PS: He is suposed to be the leading candidate to buy the vike's.
  14. My handle northman represents where my heart is. I was raised in northern minnesota but i live in the twin cities. At heart I am still a northman and the city's will not ruin me ! - northman
  15. northman

    Happy New Years

    Happy New Year everyone ! May you all catch lots of big fish in 2005 ! - northman
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