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  1. I just recently purchased the new warn cyclone 54", I had a 60 inch moose, the warn blade had heavier spings and a sturdier blade, but it also weighs more. The undercarriage or push tubes on the moose were stronger looking, they were square tubing which i think are stronger, but the warn plow and carriage are easy to install and seem to be just as strong, I bought my from rc off road.com no tax or shipping. i also have a winch so i didnt need one either, but the whole set up for mine was 429$ good luck plowing
  2. I have a 1994 kawasaki 4+4 400 that has a cdi box that needs to be replaced, the part is 300$. should i fix it or sell it. its only worth about 1500$.
  3. If you bring your clam 4600 just for a outhouse!!
  4. I bought the Yukon new this year, it is a great house, they beefed up the sled, made the whole thing out of ice armor, put more supports in the pole system and also made it bigger, also the hole out the back is very handy when you need to get out and not disturb the heater, lantern and other fisherman, Great buy, I love it. The only thing that could be better on it is if they made the rod holders better, but that will be next year im sure.
  5. I have an 02 kawi, it usually starts up great, but this weekend on the ice my battery let me down, had to pull start the 650, it was just swell, I need a new battery, the name almost let me down, Kaus you to walkie. Just kiddin

    ATV License

    Anyone know where all of our money goes that we pay to put tabs on our wheelers? I had to buy tabs for one of my wheelers and they were $36 this time. the last time I paid $22. They need to set up a fund like they do for snowmobiles and use the money to fix the wetlands that they talk about everyone wrecking! instead of complaining that they dont have any money. $36 times how many wheelers would add up to alot of money. Ive been told that the money goes into a general fund? Any ways, just needed to vent, it seems everytime i turn around more restrictions and more money, but less use. Good ridin.

    ATV chains

    I just put chains on my 650 4*4. I used a 500 polaris in the mountains in Idaho last year Mt. Lion hunting and we went almost everywhere that the snow mobile did just a little slower. the chains dug down in the deep snow and grabbed great. If you buy them make sure you get the v bar ones. Also if you are getting them for minnesota you dont have to worry about snow. we never get any.j/k. They will help on bare ice for stopping and pulling. Cheap investment also. Hope this helps good luck.
  8. Does anyone have any problems with the prairie 650 overheating. I notice it is very hard to clean the radiator out because of all the plastic around the tires.. It seems muddy water even clogs it.Not a very good design.
  9. The closest that I can think of is the Red Top Trail in lsle, South Side of Lake Mille Lacs. About 30 miles of trail not including the soo line. Pretty kosher trail. good luck riding. Mabye look into Wisconsin for some??
  10. I own 2 wheelers a 650 and a 400 both Kawasakis, both have there advantages and disadvantages. I think any wheeler would do the job, Most you can get chains for. so traction would not be an issue. the bigger they are the longer they take to warm, up though, fuel injection would probably be a plus. Good Luck
  11. Does anyone have GPS Coordinates for the supposed Meth hole on Horseshoe chain. Always worries me when I am out there, would hate to drop, truck or 4 wheeler through. Thanks.
  12. Thank you guys, Ill keep those lakes in mind, Clearwater has always been on my list, just a huge lake to try to learn. Crappies and Walleyes are what i am looking for, Also the Horeshoe chain is awesome, i fished it alomost all of last year, that is probably where you will find me. I love the cats. I was just looking for some closer to home. briggs, julia, birch, ann. mabye some luck. Thanks again
  13. Does anyone know of any good ice fishing lakes around Elk River, Big Lake. Everything seems to produce only little fish.
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